Beauty and Diversity of Maharashtra’s beaches


Maharashtra literally means “Great state”. The vibrant state of Maharashtra is popular for its misty hills, wide beaches, pilgrimage destinations, and distinctive cultural practices. Journeying around the state can present one with diverse experiences and innumerable sweet memories.
A prominent quality of Maharashtra’s beaches is its variety. Maharashtra, like most states in India consists of a number of pilgrimage sites along its coastline. Beaches in such areas gift the curious and the believer an opportunity to give in to the comfort of Mother Nature, and also observe and experience the land’s religious and spiritual tradition. Beaches along the Konkan coast lean slightly towards commercialization, but present a chance to relish the land’s culture along with its spectacular beauty. Close to Marine Drive, Mumbai are some of the most serene beaches of the state. Along with scenic beauty, beaches in Maharashtra offer water sports for adventures and beautiful hills and orchards for explorers.

Shrivardhan Beach

Once home to Peshwas and now covered with lush betel nut plantations, Shrivardhan beach is also referred to as Harihareshwar beach. For adventure, one can rent a boat and set out to explore the place that was owned by Peshwas. More than its greenery and serene water, Shrivardhan beach is well known for its delicious sea food. Freshly caught crabs, fishes, lobsters and other sea food are cooked here as per Konkani or Maharashtra cuisine.
Plenty of hotels and resorts are available in Srivardhan and nearby regions.

Ganapatipule beach

The white sand beach is popular for its pristine water and relaxing atmosphere. Even though the temple of Swayambhu (self-originated) Ganesh is visited by many devotees every day, the Ganapatipule beach is one of the least crowded beaches of Maharashtra. Greenery surrounding the area lets one unwind and rest peacefully in nature’s cradle. A drive along the western coast to Ganapatipule beach awards enough greenery to soothe any disturbed soul.
Reasonably priced hotels, budget cottages, and luxurious resorts can be easily found in the area.


Well connected with most cities in Maharashtra, Velneshwar is an ideal spot for those looking to escape the crowd and commercialization. Surrounded with coconut and areca nut gardens, the unspoiled rock-free, is perfect for swimming, sun bathing and water sports. During the time of Maha Shivratri (Festival of lord Shiva), the quiet beach transforms into a celebration spot and spreads joy to all its visitors.
Having been recently identified as a tourist spot, Velneshwar is developing fast and a number of guest houses and homestays have started their business here.

Tarkarli Beach

Containing the state’s only scuba diving training centre, Tarkarli is one of the most popular beaches of Maharashtra. Along with an array of water sports, the beach provides opportunities to explore some of the ancient forts such as Sindhudurg Fort and Padmagarh Fort. The picturesque beach and landscape is home to clear, undisturbed water and unending greenery.
With many homestays, a few hotels, and one resort, accommodation is not a problem in Tarkali village.

Bassein Beach

The beautiful Bassein is not only perfect to lay back and adore the water’s tranquillity but also to go out explore the historical and spiritual sites of Maharashtra. Buddhist relics at Nalasopara and churches built by Portuguese can take one back in time. Remains of ancient forts that were once used by Portuguese add on to Bassein’s architectural and historical legacy. The past’s influence is reflected in the present day through delicious Portuguese cuisine.
As most beaches in the state, accommodation can be easily found in shacks, hotels and resorts.

Marine Drive

Queen’s necklace or Marine Drive is located in Mumbai city and is one of the most visited tourist spots of Maharashtra. Being a local hang out for Mumbai dwellers, Marine Drive is usually crowded at all times of the day. Slightly polluted water slams gently on the littered sand as people gobble up lip-smacking local street food and make merry on the beach.
From five star resorts to Backpackers’ hostels, Mumbai city offers multiple options for accommodation.


Dusting off ashes from the past, the burnt islands of Malvan stands with a fearful past and a delightful present. Surrounded by mango, cashew, coconut and jackfruit orchards, the secluded beach of Vengurla twinkles below the generous sun. With ancient forts and rock settlements, Vengurla is home to many beautiful birds such as Indian Swiftlets. Along with Konkan delights, the place offers distinctive Melvan cusine. If you want to spend your nights watching local folk artists perform the art of Dashavatar and mornings shopping for Chinese clay pottery, Vengurla is where you should be.
As a popular tourist spot, Vengurla has many hotels, shacks and resorts for accommodation.


The tiny beaches near Mumbai are apt for a quick getaway from mundane life. Even though they are very close to the city and are being slowly consumed by industrialization, the beaches have managed to retain the boon of nature. Marve possesses many remains from colonial India. Manori is famous for its all night beach parties and Gorai is perfect for swimming at all times of the year.
As popular tourist spots, hotels and resorts are available in plenty. In the crowded Manori, villagers offer food and rent their houses to visitors.
Maharashtra has many other beaches with distinct features and striking culture. While some of the glamorous beaches buzz with the energy of costal commerce, the quiet, laid back beaches ensure solitude.

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