White, golden and black sands of Gujarat


Gujarat is a prominent business hub of India. The beautiful state is rich in both culture and scenic beauty. Gujarat has a good number of national parks and wild life sanctuaries, pilgrimage destinations with great mythological and historical significance, splendid beaches, and many other attractions.
India’s west coastal line begins with Gujarat’s serene beaches. Having India’s longest coastal line, Gujarat is associated with many stories that depict the country’s heritage. Beaches in Gujarat are known for their cleanliness, exciting water sports, and abundant scenic beauty. Ancient temples with interesting religious histories stand on the shores of many such beaches.
Diu, the only place where alcohol consumption is permitted boasts of being a most popular beach of the non-alcohol state. Beaches with pristine water and ample greenery seal Gujarat’s coastline.

Ahmedpur Mandavi Beach

One of the most popular beaches of Gujarat – Ahmedpur Mandavi is situated in Mandvi city in the Kutch district. Ahmedpur Mandavi Beach is rich with flora and fauna. The white sand beach is perfect for bird watching and is a great sunset spot. . Along with swimming in the calm water, one can treat themselves to a number of water sports such as Parasailing, skiing, surfing, water scooting, and speed boat rides.
Many homestays, resorts, private cottages and hotels provide accommodation near the beach.

Chorwad Beach

A royal palace where Junagadh’s Nawab held his dog’s wedding is now a luxurious resort on the beach. Chorwad, a small fishing village, is popular for its rocky shores and hills. Although, not recommended for swimming, the beach offers an adventurer with thrilling boat rides and many water sports.
Other than the Nawab’s palace, one can find accommodation in shacks, budget hotels, and resorts.

Beyt Dwarka

With a 600-year-old temple and archaeological ruins, the small island of Beyt Dwarka has many interesting stories to tell. The popular picnic spot is reached by taking a ferry from Okha. Along with historical and religious exploration, the beach offers many camping sites and interesting activities such as scuba diving and dolphin watching.
For those who do not wish to camp on the beach,many hotels are available in Dwarka town.

Dwarka Beach

As an island with rich religious history, Dwarka is a major Hindu pilgrimage destinations. The waters in which a marine excavation revealed a grand city holds great archaeological importance today. The white sand beach offers activities such as swimming and scuba diving. Dolphins, porpoise, sea turtle, octopus, and other sea creature can be spotted in the water.
For accommodation, homestays and hotels with a range of suitable prices are available in Dwarka town.

Tithal Beach

Tithal beach is located in Valsad, Daman – a union territory that was once a prominent Portuguese trade centre. Unlike most beaches in Gujarat, Tithal is bedded with black sand. Influences of Portuguese colonialism can be still seen in the area. As most beaches in Gujarat, it consists of temples and offers activities such as parasailing, fishing and swimming.
Both budget friendly hotel rooms and luxurious resorts can be found in Valsad.

Somnath Beach

Somanath beach, one of the most visited beaches in Gujarat is named after the well-known Somanath Temple. Although the beach is not suitable for swimming and does not offer any water sport, it remains popular for its scenic beauty and fun camel rides. The beach serves as a great spot to just hang out on the golden sand and munch on local street snacks.
Accommodations can be found in Veraval city near Somnath.

Diu Island

For those looking to escape the crowd and commercialisation, Diu offers of a number of beautiful beaches. Along with beaches, Diu consists of a few ancient forts and churches. Just like Daman, ruins from the time of Portuguese supremacy are found in the area. Water sports such as parasailing, surfing, jet skiing and hot air balloon rides could be experienced in the island. Being the only island in Gujart with alcohol permit, Diu attracts travellers from all walks of life.
Budget friendly hotels and cottages are to be found in abundance in the area along with three star hotels and luxurious resorts.

Islands near Jamnagar

Pirotan Island and Narara Island are a part of the 42 islands around Jamnagar that formed India’s first marine national park. The two are also the only islands in the park that are open to public. Pirotan Island comprises of mesmerising and rare aquatic creatures and birds, and has picturesque coral reefs. Adventure lovers can take a coral walk in between tides and spot exotic aquatic creatures on Narara Island. Permission must be taken from the forest department to enter both these islands and an entry fee is applicable.

Forest department guest house on Narara Island and a few budget hotels and lodges in Jamnagar are the only options for accommodation near these Island beaches.
Gujarat is home to many more beaches with rich diversity, great history and eye catching scenic beauty. Some of the quiet, unexplored beaches are perfect to get away from the crowd and relax with a free mind. Experiencing the rich culture of Gujarat can gift anyone numerous memories to cherish.

Dreams are made of sun and sand.

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