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Name of the company and website This website (the website) is developed, owned, operated and updated by Aaostel Online Solution Pvt. Ltd.(“the company”, “we” or “us”) Terms of use By using this site you are bound to accept and follow the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of this website. These Terms and Conditions will be applicable to you regardless of your mode of access (i.e. direct or indirect via third party links or hypertext links) to the website. You need to provide certain information to book from our website. You warrant that the information provided by you is true and you are solely responsible for any dispute that arises because of the questionability of it. The terms of use are subjected to updation and review from time to time and they will be put into effect immediately after the approval of the directors of the company. The company is not obligated to issue any separate notice or notification regarding this as the company is obligated to work in compliance with the Indian and International laws. This website is developed for general purpose and for public use. The content including text and images published on our website are subjected to Copyright act. You cannot reproduce, republish, upload, sell or use the content from our website, in part or in whole for any commercial purpose including but not limited to derivative works without prior permission. Any such activity will attract a legal attention under the copyright and proprietary acts under the respective jurisdiction. However, the content on the website can be printed, downloaded for the non-commercial and personal use in accordance with copyright and intellectual property laws. This site is for consumer use only. Any travel agent/tour operator/consolidator/aggregator should not use this site for individual/group bookings. In the event of bookings by any travel agent/tour operator/consolidator/aggregator through the Site are detected, the Company reserves the right, including without limitation, to cancel such bookings immediately without any notice to such travel agent/tour operator/aggregator/consolidator and/or to withhold payments/commissions thereto. The various discounts and offers mentioned on the Site are applicable to the Consumer for the purposes of end use only Our effort is to provide the best services to our customers and we continuously try for the betterment of the user experience. Considering this the may make the changes in/ updates the website any time or as and when required. If the company finds any agents/ aggregators making bulk bookings using this website, the bookings will be cancelled immediately without any prior notice or any such communication with concerned the parties and they will immediately attract legal attention and the further business or any business transactions will be withheld thereafter. Any obscene content in any form or images tagged in any kind of social media with the name of the company will cause a strict legal action including but not limited to suit of defamation under the respective jurisdiction. Disclaimer The company does not send you any separate email or use any other separate mode of communication to ask for your bank/ credit/ debit card details for the booking you have asked for. When you enter our website to make booking the process is carried out by filling the required fields by the user in the predefined form generated by the company. Therefore, the Company hereby disclaims of any dispute/s arised due to your communication regarding your personal details to any such perpetrators. Reliability of the information Our website contains a large amount of data and we sincerely endeavour to verify and keep it up to date. However, in spite of our perpetual and sincere efforts to keep the information up to date on our website, we may still have some limitations like errors in dates or exact distance from place to place or the events as they differ from place to place and regions including states in India. Therefore, we do not accept any liability for such errors. However, we will appreciate if you write us at to help us to update in case if you come across any such errors. The company do not take responsibility of the reliability or authenticity of the information provided by the third party links or websites. Disclaimer of the activities, sports, products, etc. mentioned in the website While the activities mentioned in the website are subjected to personal risk, you should consider them before going for the same. In case of any mishap website or the company won’t be responsible for the same. The company do not endorse any such activities which involve risk or potential threat of any kind. The company do not endorse the equipment, paraphernalia, brands, products or any kind of material used by the people or entities in our website. The company do not endorse any medicinal remedies, alternative medicines or the institutes providing these. Third party links When you click on a third party link and navigate to it leaving our website, the terms and conditions of that will be applicable to you. Our website or company do not take any responsibility of the damage caused to your computer system because of the third party links and any malware of any type involved to do so. The company do not guarantee the privacy and the security of the Internet services which are used by you. Disputes If any dispute arises between you and the company it has to be resolved under the jurisdiction of High Court of Bangalore.