5 Reasons To Backpack

Now we’re an organization that’s founded on wanderlust and a specific love for organic and wholesome travel. Our opinion that backpacking beats all is made clear from every word we say and step we take, but we’ll let you decide. Here’s a listicle we’re hoping will convince you too!

Traveling and the inner journey

A backpacking trip is a great way of focusing on purpose over process. Carrying a suitcase and living in hotels pays so much attention to the process of travel (booking tickets and hotel rooms, packing all the clothes you can, arranging a mini bag for day travel), that the purpose is lost.
Backpacking allows you to cut out the extra, focus on why you’ve decided to leave everything that makes sense and discover a whole new world, within and without.

Foodie Impulses

One of the greatest things about traveling to a new place is exploring a new way of satisfying your soul through your stomach, and let’s not deny it, finding another way of getting fat. Backpacking is designed to help you optimize your foodie experience, sometimes forcing you to walk through lanes you would never have explored and maybe stumble upon some great local cuisine. After all, we all know the real food lies in the busy, cramped lanes of a city and not in a Taj or a Leela.
Added bonus? All that walking, bus catching and low-key trekking will keep you digesting food fast, and make more space for unlimited yumminess!

College again!

Everyone who’s ever lived in a hostel knows what a life-changing experience it is. And those of you that haven’t, here’s a chance to do exactly that! A major factor in a backpacking trip is that you stay in a hostel. A chance to meet people from all over the world without actually spending lakhs of rupees on flights you can’t afford? Yes, please. Hostels these days are getting really competitive with hotels to give you the best experience they possibly can, with quirky themes and interiors, affordable tariffs, and amazing culture!
If you’re not tempted to stay in a hostel (eating good food, spending quality time with new people and having a clean, cosy space to think/read/write), without the impending dread of having to attend a class the next morning, something’s up.

Sweet, sweet freedom!

Ever walk out of your house without a bag and feel incomplete? Like you’re missing something? It’s odd, isn’t it? But give it a little time and it’s also kind of liberating. That’s exactly what backpacking does for you, times ten! You’ll initially feel like you’re forgetting something. Just one bag can’t POSSIBLY be enough to survive a week in a new place? Two days in, however, and you’ll find there is no other way to travel. The feeling of having nothing but a bag to carry around and no one to report to but yourself is freeing in a way we can’t explain! Makes you want to go back to a time without cell phones and Internet!
Being able to walk out for a cup of chai and having conversations at odd hours in the night, catching a train on impulse and a sudden change of plans to accommodate a new set of travel buddies is the norm here! Not imaginable on a tight travel company schedule or rigid flight bookings, eh?

Overcoming adversity

We won’t sugar-coat it; backpacking comes with its own unique set of challenges. Power cuts and communication gaps between you and the locals can set you back, and if you’re too adventurous like us, sometimes a bit of a bad tummy. But these are all opportunities to learn, grow and just be the kind of person that makes the best of everything.
A power cut can result in a torch-lit night of storytelling and listening to rain with a makeshift cup of quickly rustled up chai with a circle of friends. There’s no communication gap that a bit of dramatic pointing, dumb charades and resulting laughter can’t solve, and the green colored mirchi halwa you ate will make an excellent story back home!

Go ahead; take a leap of faith, give yourself a challenge, an adventure and an experience you’ll never forget. There’s really no clichéd saying that will do backpacking justice, so all we can do is help you make memories that pictures will never justify!

"Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” ― David Mitchell

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