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Bitten by the backpacking bug

We all love to travel, don’t we? Soaking in the sights, smells and sounds of nature, getting away from the mundane, embracing the scenic splendour that lies ahead of us, what is there to not love about travel? Not long ago, travelling meant packing up big suitcases and going to grandma’s house for the summer holidays. Travelling overseas for a vacation was unheard of.

But over the years, travel has taken a whole new meaning. The advancements in technology have made it easier for one to plan holidays. Add to it the benefit of social media that helps avid travellers keep their followers updated on which scenic destination they are currently in.

Yet another phenomenon that’s rising in the world of travel is that of backpacking, which means travelling on a budget with bare necessities and spending the night in a hostel or dormitory.

What’s a travellers’ hostel?

The rise in the number of backpackers has led to the development of travellers’ hostels. These hostels provide budget-oriented, sociable accommodation where guests can rent a bed (usually a bunk-bed) in a dormitory – while sharing a bathroom, lounge, and (most often) a kitchen. Rooms can be mixed or single-sex, although private and/or family rooms may also be available.

History behind hostels

Earlier known as ‘youth hostels’, these hostels first came about in Germany in 1910 and soon reached several European countries. Initially, Hostelling International sought to provide low cost accommodation in rural areas for young city workers, with an emphasis on hiking, cycling and other health-related activities.

Some trivia

In countries like Australia and New Zealand, it is mandatory for students and recent graduates to travel for about a year to gain a deeper insight about the world.

Has all this made you wish to go backpacking across the world? Wait… here are a few more reasons why you should.

Be it meeting local people or volunteering at an organization during your free time, as a backpacker and hosteller, you get to see a lot more than an average tourist.

By staying in a hostel, you can travel for longer periods of time for less money! That because you will be paying only for the bed and not an entire room; and can cook in the hostel kitchen instead of splurging on food at a local restaurant.

Trekking, hiking, cycling and other forms of physical activities while carrying a backpack across your shoulder ensure that you are on the path to fitness even on a holiday.

You aren’t bound by a timetable. You can do what you want, when you want.

You can make like-minded friends in hostels and travel all the more with them.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your bags ready and haul them across your back to explore the world.

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