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How do you feel at home away from home? Or wait… how do you feel at home when you’re away from home but live in the same city? Believe it or not, this was my most anticipated moment of this trip. For the first time in 24 years, I had the chance to live in the same suburb that I spent my entire life in, as a solo backpacker. I had the golden opportunity of exploring Mumbai as a legit traveller and living in Backpackers Panda Appetite hostel.

Poppy colours and wall graffiti for the good vibes.

What is it?

However, by the time I touched down in Mumbai I just wanted to run back home to the comforts of my bed and bathroom. But I couldn’t just yet because Mumbai was the last destination I had to cover and like you must’ve noticed, I take my work…project…travel very seriously. When you’re almost at the finishing line and know that you’re a clear winner there’s the feeling of excitement and nervousness that makes you uneasy. But it’s a good kind of uneasy. I went through something similar when I spent the night in Andheri East, while my home is in the west.
But lucky for me, Backpackers Panda Appetite Mumbai made this feeling of uneasy a lot more comforting than I anticipated. Their white, soft comforting sheets of bunk bed made me feel like I slept on my bunk back at home. Yes, I still sleep on a bunk bed and I love it. That’s what I loved about Appetite as well. They have these really cool bunk beds with a reading lamp and charging point on every bunk. Pretty much all that someone needs before sleeping, right?


Quotes that’ll make you leave the room to go out and explore the city.

Scratching Head

Not only comforting beds but their location is also the best. All the public transport facilities are just a stone throw distance away. Be it metro, local train, bus stop, auto-rickshaw or taxi, you name it and you have it lingering just around the corner. This is basically oasis for any budget traveller. It’s almost as if the hostel was exclusively built keeping travellers and their convenience in mind.
Oh! Here’s something that tops the above two points. The convenience of this hostel’s location will get you FREE FOOD! Backpackers Panda Appetite Mumbai is located right next to a Gurudwara. So if you’re running tight on the budget, you can simply hop-skip-and-jump to the Gurudwara and enjoy fresh, hot communal (langar) meal. Could this get any better? It indeed can.

I lived in room Flora.

Room at its best

They have all the basic necessities like a really clean attached washroom to every room, one room dedicated to girls only, and rest are shared between guys and girls because of gender equality FTW. They have a common kitchen that has a stove, microwave, fridge, water purifier and basic utensils’ to cook. So you can cook a fresh meal for yourself like you would at home and sit in the common space (that also happens to be a breezy terrace) and enjoy your tasty food. There’s a washing machine next to the kitchen in case you want to wear clean and fresh clothes and save on your laundry money.

Backpackers Panda Appetite – Mumbai

At last

Apart from all the above awesome things, this hostel will connect you with a bunch of enthusiastic travellers from all across the globe. My roommates spoke in every other language but English. This is a great place to meet people from different walks of life and get a global perspective sitting in the comforts of this hostel. There’s another common area on the ground floor where you’ll find board games, books, and laidback souls chilling playing the guitar and doing their own thing.
The host of the hostel was warm and welcoming; the kinds who’ll instantly make you feel comfortable. He also handed me a city map and things to do in Mumbai. Through that list, I found a place I’d never visited in spite of spending all my life in this city. So please go through the map and the list when you get one because you never know what you might come across. Last but not the least, all the poppy coloured wall art and travel quotes are just cherry on the cake to enhance your solo-backpacker #borderlinehippie feels.
This place is pocket-friendly, fun, efficient, warm and comforting. It’s pretty much what anyone travelling solo needs on the road. Next time you’re in Mumbai and looking for a place to call home, go straight to Backpackers Panda Appetite and thank me later.

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