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Quiet and Popular beaches of Andhra Pradesh


Andhra Pradesh is a state with a rich religious history. It is home to the well-known pilgrimage destinations, Tirupati Venkateshwara Temple – one of the richest temples in the world, both literally and figuratively. Along with many stunning shrines, Andhra Pradesh holds a few Hill stations, water falls, ancient caves, wild life sanctuaries, and other beauties that are blessed in abundance with nature. Hyderabad, a joint capital of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana attracts hundreds of tourists every day.

Having India’s second largest coastline (First being Gujarat), Andhra is blessed with many beautiful beaches. The pristine beaches of Andhra Pradesh are great to unwind and relish the tranquillity of nature. Due to its long east coast, Andhra has a variety of beaches and all of them are unique in their own away. Some of these beaches hold religious and historical sites that offer learning along with relaxing. Most beaches in Andhra are secluded and are perfect getaway destinations for a soothing vacation.

Rama Krishna Beach (RK Beach)

One of the most famous beaches of Andhra Pradesh – Rama Krishna Beach is also the lengthiest beach of Vishakapatanam. Vishakapatnam is a coastal city and a prominent port on the east coast. The city consists of a number of glorious beaches that are closely connected to each other. Being close to city, Rama Krishna Beach is a hot favourite among locals. The beach buzzes with people at all hours of the day. Although not suitable for swimming, the enthralling beach is admired for its immaculate water and calm atmosphere. Rama Krishna beach is a good place to hang out by the sea and try out some delicious Andhra cuisine.
Many hotels offer accommodation for a range of prices near the beach.

Rushi Konda Beach

Rushi Konda is a beautiful beach on the outskirts of Vishakapatanam. Being a popular getaway spot for the city dwellers, the natural beauty is fairly crowded during weekends. The small beach offers one a chance to sit by the sea and relish solitude. Rushi Konda Beach is perfect to enjoy local sea food and other delicacies. Although swimming is forbidden in the beach, one can enjoy adventurous activities such as speedboat rides, water skiing, windsurfing, and so on.
A number of reasonably priced hotels and resorts can be found near the beach.

Bheemunipatnam Beach

Bheemunipatnam Beach, also known as Bheemili beach is at about 25 Km from Vishakapatanam. Bheemunipatnam, a charming coastal village is a former Dutch colony. An Old Dutch cemetery that stayed back in the village reflects the influences of colonial times. The ancient clock tower and lighthouse add on to the charm of this beautiful village. The historically rich beach is suitable for swimming. The isolated beach consists of exciting water sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, water-skiing, and boating.
A few reasonably priced hostels can be found near the beach.

Mypadu Beach

Mypadu beach is well known for its beauty and attracts many tourists throughout the year. The beautiful golden sand beach is surrounded with green trees. A unique quality of this beach is its greenish water. Clear water and the green cover make the beach a perfect spot for sun bathing and also for resting under the shade of Coconut trees. Mypadu beach is closer to nature than other beaches of the state. This also makes Mypadu an extremely unique and greatly relaxing beach of Andhra Prasdesh.
Few options are available for accommodation near the beach. However, accommodations can be found in and around Nellore which is at 25 Km from Mypadu.

Kalingapatnam Beach

The quiet, picturesque beach is along the highway that connects Vishakapatanam with Kolkata. The historically significant beach is also known as the Open Road Sea. With clear water and relaxing air, Kalingapatanam is one of the most visited beaches in Andhra Pradesh. Folk-style temples and beautiful flowering tress add on colour to Kalingapatanam beach. Along with these, the beach is also well known for its light house and the Buddhist Stupa.
A good number of hotels are available for accommodation on the beach. New businesses are quickly setting up their businesses here.

Manginapudi Beach

Manginapudi beach is one of the most popular and crowded beaches of Andhra Pradesh. Due to the 2004 tsunami, swimming and bathing are not recommended in the beach. The historically popular port city, Manginapudi still provides food to many fishermen. The beautiful beach also has massage centres,restaurants that serve delicious and spicy sea food, and a local market to buy interesting handicrafts.
There are not many hotels near the beach. Accommodation can be found in Machilipatnam and other nearby towns.

Suryalanka Beach

Suryalanka is a pristine beach near Bapatla in Guntur District. The clear, wide beach is apt for swimming and sunbathing. The secluded beach offers one an opportunity to get away from the noisy city and enjoy a relaxing vacation. The beautiful sunrises at the beach attracts many tourists on holidays and weekends. In the month of November, one can enjoy dolphin watching at the beach.
Along with the popular Haritha Beach Resort, a few hotels can be found in Bapatla.

Andhra Pradesh has some lesser known beaches such as Vodarevu beach – a beach filled with golden sand and coconut trees. It also has a few more popular beaches such as Uppada beach – a sun kissed beach with refreshing ocean breeze. The longest eastern coast is slowly commercializing its beaches to make them accessible for many more tourists.

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