Beauty of Karnataka’s beaches


Karnataka occupies a big chunk of South India. It is home to busy cities such as Bangalore and Mysore, misty hill stations such as Coorg and Kudremukh, vibrant beaches like Gokarna and Murudeshwar, and many other beautiful tourist destinations. Other than the well-known vacation spots, Karnataka also has some unexplored gems that are blessed with great cultural diversity and rich heritage.
Karnataka’s coastline has a good number of popular beaches. While some of the beaches in Karwar and Gokarna stand surrounded with nature and manage to stay away from the crowd, beaches in Mangalore and Udupi offer an extremely close experience of Karnataka’s coastal life. Most of Karnataka’s beaches hold prominent pilgrimage centres with great religious history and mythological significance. An appreciable aspect about the beaches in the state is that all of them either offer accommodation or are very close to cities that do.

Beaches in Gokarna

Gokarna is a popular beach trek destination. Gokarna consists of five stunning beaches and all of them are well connected to each other. One can begin walking from Gokarna beach, climb small hillocks near Kudle, Om, and Half Moon beaches, and rent a motor boat back to their desired location from Paradise beach. Being very close to Goa, Gokarna can get fairly crowded during peak seasons. Accommodations are available in most of these beaches.

Om Beach

Being the only beach that is shaped as a Hindu religious symbol ?️ (Om), Om beach is one of most visited beaches in Gokarna.

Half Moon Beach

Half Moon is one of the secluded gems of Gokarna. Surrounded with greenery, the small beach is perfect for a relaxing vacation.

Beaches in Murudeshwar

Named after its Murudeshwara temple, the city is famous for holding the world’s second largest statue of Eshwara (A Hindu god, also referred to as Shiva). The statue stands on top of a hill overlooking the vast Arabian Sea. Beaches in Murudeshwar are connected with interesting stories from mythology. As a popular tourist destination, accommodations are available in plenty.

Bhatkal Beach

Bhatkal beach is close to Murudeshwar and other famous temples. Along with the beach, Bhatkal offers a number of beautiful trekking spots.

Murudeshwar Beach

Situated 16 Km away from Bhatkal, Murudeshwara is the only beach that offer Scuba Diving in Karnataka.

Beaches in Mangalore

Packed between the beautiful Western Ghats and enormous Arabian Sea, Mangalore has more than a few tourist attractions. Mangalore is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Karnataka and the fame is due to the diverse experiences it offers. The chief port consists of many temples, forts and splendid beaches. Beaches in Mangalore reflect the unique culture of the region along with its piercingly hot sun.

Someshwar Beach

Someshwara is in Ullal, a small fishing village. The unspoiled beach has not been explored by many tourists yet. A prominent feature of Someshwara beach are the large rocks called Rudra Shile.

Ullal Beach

The golden sand beach is located at 12 Km from Mangalore. The serene beach offers delicious Mangalore cuisine, water sports activities, and accommodations away from the crowded city.

Beaches in Karwar

The beautiful coastal town is gifted with stunning landscapes, scenic hills, and pristine beaches. The previously named “Karward” became “Karwar” when Bristish made it their headquarters in colonial times. Situated in Goa-Karnataka border, the coastal city stands on the banks of River Kali. The five islands of Karwar – Anjidiv, Kudumgad, Dev gad, Mogral and Shamshigudda, and its many beaches have been blessed immensely by Mother Nature and provide great spots to ditch the stress and relax under cool breeze. Karwar also provides many sites to enjoy adventure sports activities. Being one of the popular sea side towns, Karwar has plenty of accommodations.

Karwar Beach

A beach that once inspired Rabindranath Tagore is still one of the most popular and scenic beaches of North Karnataka. Equipped with modern day’s technology, the beach offers a range of water sport activities.It is also well-known for the unique, mouth-watering coastal cuisine.

Devbagh Beach

The golden sand beach is just a few minutes away from Goa and so, it offers similar experiences as the coastal state. Standing beside Western Ghats, the island of Devbagh offers many beautiful lakes to swim in and a few water sport activities to try out.

Beaches in Udupi

Udupi town is popular for its Shri Krishna Matha and eight other Mathas’ started by the disciples of Madhvacharya. The coastal town has a rich religious background and is still home to many festivals and celebrations that depict this history. The culturally rich land of Udupi is one of eight Parashurama kshetras (land of Parashurama – a mythological legend). Udupi is surrounded by a number of beautiful beaches. As a popular tourist spot, Udupi has many options for accommodation.

Kaup Beach

Kaup beach is located at 12 Km from Udupi city. The densely populated beach is surrounded with greenery on all sides. The white sand beach also offers many water sports activities.

St. Mary’s Island

The small set of islands is popular for its unusual volcanic rock formations. St. Mary’s island is located off the Malpe coast. Although not suitable for swimming and other water sports activities, the island offers the sight of one of the most beautiful sunsets in western coast.

Karnataka has many other beautiful beaches such as Marwanthe, Malpe, and Penambur. The stunning beaches of Karnataka not only provide excellent relaxing spots but also offer unique sea food cuisines.Beaches in Karnataka are perfect to explore the religious history of the land and appreciate its cultural diversity.

You can never have too much beach.

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