The unexplored gems of Odisha


Odisha – also known Orissa  is a scenic costal state in the eastern coast of India. The beautiful land sparkles with the beauty of Eastern Ghats. The state is rich in flora and fauna. Orissa’s pride is its magnificent history and incredible culture. Having been truly blessed with nature, Orissa has many green hills, curvy lakes, ancient temples, enthralling rivers, and many other attractions. Ranging from ancient architectural marvels to unexplored beaches, Orissa is home to many alluring tourist destinations.
Odisha has a number of secluded beaches that are filled with pristine water and surrounded with gorgeous palm trees. The tranquil beaches of Odisha are ideal for a fun-filled vacation. Consisting some of the least visited beaches in India, Odisha’s coastline serves as a haven to hide from the crowded cities (at least for a while!). White, Golden sands and a kind sun makes Odisha’s beaches a perfect place to enjoy activities such as swimming, sunbathing, and fishing. Mesmerising local handicrafts found near some of the beaches are one of the highlights of the coastal state.

Chandipur Beach

The popular beach of Orissa attracts tourists from all walks of life. It is a popular vacation spot among locals and foreigners. Located in Baleshwar district of Orissa, Chandipur is a magical place. A rare phenomenon that occurs here lets the sea recede almost 5 Km every day and return to its original place after some time. One can enjoy the captivating view of the sea disappearing in front of their eyes during low tides and gracefully returning during high tides.
Accommodation can be found in Hotels and resorts in Chandipur.

Gopalpur Beach

The historically significant beach town- Gopalpur is located in Ganjam district of Odisha. The small Gopalpur beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of India. The secluded beach gleams with clear blue water and golden sand. The untouched beach is gifted with excellent scenic beauty and is a great place for a quiet vacation. Gopalpur also offers activities such as sailing and surfing.
Gopalpur beach is lined up with many hotels and resorts.

Puri Beach

Most famous beach of Orissa, Puri is well known for its famous Puri Jagannath temple. Many pilgrims visit Puri every day to pray to lord Jagannath and enjoy the tranquillity of Puri beach. The largest beach of the state – Puri is also the most visited beach in Orissa. Located at just 60 Km from Bhubaneshwar – the capital city of Orissa, Puri is a main attraction of the scenic state.
As a popular tourist destination, accommodation can be easily found in Puri.

Konark Beach

Located at just 3 Km from the famous Konark Sun Temple, Konark beach is one of the popular beaches of Orissa. Konark Sun Temple is recognized as a World Heritage site. It receives thousands of visitors from various religious and racial backgrounds every day. The pristine Konark beach provides its visitors an opportunity to lie back, and appreciate the sun and the sea. Sunrise on the East Coast Beach is a mesmerising sight.
A number of options are available for accommodation near Konark Beach.

Astaranga Beach

One of the most popular and most visited beaches of Odisha – Astaranga beach offers an incredible opportunity to experience and explore Odisha’s scenic and cultural beauty. Astaranga beach is a popular sunrise destination. Astaranga literally means ‘colourful sunset’. A long stretch of water that reflects the exceptionally colourful sky can leave its visitors spellbound. Variety of sea food that is prepared near the beach adds on to the experience.
The popular tourist destination comprises of a number of hotels for accommodation.

Paradip Beach

At the merging point of Mahanadi River and Bay of Bengal is the gorgeous Paradip (Paradeep) beach. The silent beach has fishermen setting their sail as the sun rises. As one of the well-known beaches of the land, Paradip has a good number of visitors every day. With clear blue water, soft sands, and relaxing atmosphere, Paradip beach is a scenic delight to all its visitors.
Hotels and resorts can be found in the region.

Bhitarkanika Beach

Bhaitarkanika is a lesser known gem of Orissa. Bhaitarkanika group of islands is a well preserved national park. The calm beach consists of mesmerising blue water and is surrounded with lush greenery. Sunrises in the area converts the beach into a colourful haven. Rich flora and fauna occupies the land. The islands not only have colourful beaches but also consist of trilling trekking spots for adventure enthusiasts.
Hotels and beautiful Jungle resorts offer accommodation in Bhaitarkanika.

Odisha’s beautiful beaches are perfect to get away from all the hustle-bustle of everyday life. Lack of commercialization gives these beaches a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Ramchandi Beach, Rushikulya Beach, Beleswar Beach, and Aryapalli Beach are some of the many secluded beaches of Odisha. Beaches in Odisha are great to unwind and relax in solitude.


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