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Eastern coastal beauty of West Bengal


Don’t let the name fool you, West Bengal is an Eastern coastal state of India. With a colourful culture and great historical background, West Bengal is home to many wonders. The land is the birth place of Rabindranath Tagore and the resting place of Mother Teresa. World’s largest mangrove forest – Sundarbans and the Royal Bengal Tigers that have inhabited the land are the pride of West Bengal. A state that grandly celebrates Durga Pooja (A Hindu festival) also boats of its unique coastal cuisine and stunning beaches.
West Bengal has a great number of beaches that offer diverse experiences. The eastern coastline offers a gorgeous sight of the mighty sun rising above Bay of Bengal. The diversity and the scenic beauty of these beaches make them perfect vacation spots for all. The calm beaches of Bengal are attracting more and more tourists every day. Many of these unexplored and secluded beaches enclose in them everything that could let them be a beach lover’s paradise. Rich with flora and fauna, beaches in West Bengal are a visual treat.

Falta Beach

Named after a ship that stood ruined on its shore – Falta Beach is one of the most popular and most visited beaches in Bengal. The smooth waves and sparking water makes it a great getaway from mundane life. The historical beach has provided shelter to Dutch, British, Mughals, and many other Kingdoms. Merging point of River Damodar and River Rupnarain with Hoogly are the nearby attraction.
As a popular tourist destination, accommodations are available near the beach.

Digha Beach

On the southern part of West Bengal stands the mesmerizing Digha Beach. It is close to Odisha’s (Orissa) border. The 7 Km long beach is divided into two parts – Old Digha Beach and New Digha Beach. While the Old Digha beach fills up with many tourists, the New Digha beach remains isolated and is perfect from those looking for some privacy. The scenic beauty and soothing water has given Digha a place in the list of the most romantic places in India.
Many hotels and restaurants that offer regular and honeymoon packages can be found near the beach.

Shankarpur Beach

At about 10 km from Digha is the lesser known, unexplored Shankarpur beach. As one of the least crowded beaches of West Bengal, it is a perfect spot for those looking for solitude. The beautiful fishing village provides an opportunity to experience the land’s culture, enjoy its mouth-watering cuisine, and relax in its pristine beach. The undisturbed beach is slowly leaning towards commercialization.
A few hotels and resorts have set up their businesses here, hotels can also be found in Digha.

Diamond Harbour

At around 50 Km from Kolkata – the capital of West Bengal is the historically significant Diamond Harbour. Diamond Harbour is located on the south of Hoogly River. Being very close the main capital, it is a favourite weekend getaway for locals. A place that once entertained Portuguese pirates is home to many fishermen today.
Many reasonably priced hotels can be found in Diamond Harbour.

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