9 Best Places To Celebrate Holi in India

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The Nine best places in India to celebrate Holi will take you to a tour of ‘best places for Holi celebration. As India is known to be the most diverse and prosperous country in world, the celebrations diversifies with the history behind with various regions. Where Vrindavan has colourful flowers, there would be elegance in Jaipur’s royal holi. Where Barasana’s men would be beaten by women with love, Mumbai would witness human pyramid breaking earth pots filled with butter and loads of colours.


  1.      Uttar Pradesh, Vrindavan

Image Source: Zee News

Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan is one of the favorite places for most of the travelers in and out of India. It is a place to watch out for photographers as it entices them with a lot of colors.  Filled with memories of Radha- Krishna’s childhood, the town Vrindavan celebrates holi by showering flowers on each other calls the holi as ‘Phoolon waali Holi.’


  1.  Uttar Pradesh, Mathura

Image Source: The Wander

The adorable play of Radha-Krishna with colors in the past has made Mathura follow the same lines and they do this reminiscing about the love of the pair.

The eve starts with musical celebration from the temple gates, follows the ghats of the river and ends at the Holi gate. One can experience a devotional ambiance created by holy chants and songs.

Caution: Do not miss out to visit the temple of Dwarkadheesh.

No worry if you are early to this place as the celebration starts a week before!


  1. Delhi

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The capital city of India enjoys the festival on modern lines.  Holika or bonfires mark the beginning of the eve celebrating the victory of good over evil. Apart from playing with colors, people enjoy dance, music, Bhaang, DJs, etc.

However, the stand-out point would be the Holi Moo Festival with lots of Indian and International performances, food and fun. This festival definitely will excite you if you are looking at some modern party celebration.


  1. Uttar Pradesh, Barsana

Source: Travelyaari

Here is another exciting place from Uttar Pradesh. Instigating curiosity, the celebration involves women hitting men with sticks (on a funny note).  This Holi is called ‘Lath-Maar Holi” and comes commemorating Lord Krishna’s friendly acts of teasing ladies.

If you are to land here on Holi, make sure to head towards Ladliji temple which is dedicated to Radha Rani. Apart from Spiritual and traditional songs, Thandai, sweets, and colors are something which you will love!!

This is another choice to celebrate Holi in a holistic manner.

  1. Punjab, Anandpur Sahib

Source: Indiaonlinepages


Get here to know the Sikh’s way of celebrating Holi. It is called Hola Mohalla, which marks the annual fair dated back in 1701, a protest against rising intolerance of Mughals and was initiated by Guru Gobind Singh.

Sikh warriors’ celebration includes demonstration of the concept –“Nihangs of Blue”, a traditional presentation of a martial art named Ghatka. It includes activities like acrobatic exercises, wrestling, sword fights and other military related events.


  1.  West Bengal, Shantiniketan

Source: Telegraphindia


In Shantiniketan, Holi is called as Basanta Utsav which means Spring Festival. It was started by Rabindranath Tagore, an ace poet at Vishva Bharati University as an annual event, inspired by colors and the spring.

On the eve, people get dressed up in spring colored clothes and celebrate the event with food, dance, and music.

Experience the Bengali history and culture of its Holi festival a day before the date marked on the calendar.


  1. Rajasthan, Pushkar

Source: Jaipurcityblog

Festival of Holi in Pushkar is started off with a bonfire set up with garlands and wooden branches. After the fire puts off, every individual takes the pieces of burning wood to their house, believing that doing so, would drive in some luck.  This follows the color throwing tradition.

Not to leave the party freaks dull, dance parties are arranged in the central square of Pushkar and it would be a delight to watch everyone dressed up in vibrant colors, rocking the floor.


  1. Maharashtra, Mumbai

Source: IndianExpress

Amchi Mumbai, with a mix of traditional and modern events makes the Holi celebration unique. The event of ‘matki phod’, inspired by the Lord Krishna’s ‘Maakhan’ chori has Pots of butter, milk or colored water hung in the air, wherein people are encouraged to break the pot!

This is immense fun and one thoroughly enjoys the event.

Moreover, the exciting celebration is followed by music, colors, food, dance and lots of fun.


  1. Rajasthan, Jaipur

Source: Traveltriangle

The city celebrates Holi in a Royal style, for which it is renowned. Beauty contests, parades of elephants, folk dances are some of the major attractions.

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