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Many years ago, science revealed that the body needs various essential nutrients to function healthily. I would like to add that a healthy life is equally important as well; the keys of which lie in cleansing your soul from the toxins accumulated by the day-to-day life and replacing it with positive energy and a sparkling aura. From my personal experiences, I do not think twice before saying that travel and bag packing has become one of the proven gateways of the soul spa which offers the perfect ratio of the thrill to relaxation and many memories to add to the book of life.

Just like any important events in our life, my previous fellowship trip with Aao Hostels began on a spiritual note in the sacred city of Amritsar, Punjab. The city leaves no stone unturned to offer everything from history to ethnicity that a dedicated traveller looks for! I would fondly like to remember and mention my stay at the Jugaadus Hostel that offered a pleasant and comfortable stay to me in Amritsar. The need to expand the idea of hostels in India was felt by Mr.Sanjay who himself is a zealous traveller at heart. Initially, in the early days of his life, the idea of a party hostel was hovering in his mind. His life-changing journey began with weekend parties in destinations like Prague / Budapest where he experienced the hostel life thoroughly. He mustered the courage to give up the life of a techie in the Netherlands and commit his life to get wanderlust. Consequently, he began travelling through Europe for 6 months with couch surfing and hitchhiking. He carried out multiple experiments one of which included renting a beach house in Croatia and using it as a couch surfer’s house. He hosted about 2-6 backpackers every day and worked in a party hostel in Kosovo during the night where he directed people to bars and clubs.

After completing his Euro trip, he came down and travelled to India and experienced the company of another batch of travellers who indulged themselves into Yoga/meditation and began hanging out with these travellers frequently. During these travel sessions in India, his idea of a party hostel changed into a chill hostel which primarily focused on offering travellers an eco-friendly environment to relax. He has built a life that is a commendable package of courage, adventure and passion. I consider myself lucky to have an encounter with an individual like him for which I would like to whole-heartedly thank the Aao Hostel team for their valuable recommendation and help.


My experience at Jugaadus Hostel has been irreplaceable due to its prime location and the facilities provided. The locality of the hostel promotes convenient travelling and time-saving agendas.

The following list portrays a clear understanding of distances between landmarks from the hostel that makes Jugaadu Hostel a No.1 accommodation facility to count on:

Jallianwala Bagh 0.7 km
Golden Temple 1.1 km
Durgiana Temple 2.2 km
Amritsar Junction railway station 18.5 km
Raja Sansi International Airport 13 km
Allama Iqbal Airport 46.4 km

If you are a shopaholic, then Jugaadu Hostel gives you just another reason to explore their services, since, shopping malls are situated at walkable distances up to 5 km maximum. Now, who wouldn’t mind burning a few calories followed by some self-pampering through shopping?

Mall of Amritsar 2 km
The Celebration Mall 2.4 km
Narula’s Mall 2.9 km
Trillium Mall Amritsar 4.6 km

Jugaadus Hostel also ensures that the travellers are well guided and enlightened about the rich heritage encompassed by the city along with a dynamic hostelling experience. Therefore, they also assist the travellers on itineraries of the city availing accommodation with them. The hostel understands your love for pets and does not hesitate to welcome them to the premises. Seriously how cool is that!

Being a non-smoker myself, It is also good to know that the owner has taken measures to promote a healthy and pollution free environment by providing separate smoking rooms for people who want to indulge in any such action. The ambience of the hostel conveys a sense of cleanliness with its clean beds, lightened corridors and comfortable furniture on which you can relax and avail the free Wi-Fi to connect with your near and dear ones.

The multicultural atmosphere at Jugaduus Hostel exposes you to the rich heritage of other nations around the globe as well. Facilities such as Currency Exchange, Beauty Salon/Spa, Lockers and Laundry make one’s stay highly comfortable here. It is not just a hostel but a one-stop place to cater to your travel needs. Last but not the least, the friendly and helpful behaviour of Mr.Sanjay (owner) is highly appreciable and makes you want to visit the place repeatedly.


On a concluding note, I would strongly recommend Jugaadus Hostel to every traveller in Amritsar mainly due to its location. Amritsar can be called as the hub that connects to most of the cities found in every traveller’s bucket list. So, a day at Jugaadus Hostel in Amritsar would not only boost your journey with respect to time but also offer you an opportunity to walk down the lane of Indian history and indulge yourself into a spiritual session. I totally forgot to mention, I admire Jugaduus Hostel’s love for art which is depicted through the provision of colours, markers, pencils from their end for you to contribute a piece of your creativity on their walls. Travellers have come and gone over the years leaving behind beautiful quotes, inspiring messages, graffiti arts and wall paintings, In a completely raw sense. The bookshelf in the hostel is just another rare thing that also allows book exchange (except labelled books by the hostels). To be honest, I personally perceived the hobbies of travellers and artists being valued here and would certainly coin it the travel mecca of Amritsar.

In all, the warmth of Jugaduus Hostel was simply amazing and possibly helped me redefine my solo bag packing goals. Truly, I must say, it was one of the best travel hostel experiences I had till date.

This travel post is a part of Aao hostels fellowship travel series.

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