Red Lollipop Hostel, Chennai

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Chennai has an advanced and flourishing hostel culture. Red Lollipop Hostel is one among the few hostels of Chennai that provide decent accommodation at a reasonable price. The hostel is situated in Mandavelli, a part of the big city that is closer to most tourist attractions of Chennai. The hostel has many conveniences to facilitate the guest’s stay. They have Wifi service, CCTV cameras, newspapers, money exchange and maps.


Chennai is a very big city and it is very easy to get lost and also to find your way back in the region. Red Lollipop Hostel is located in Mandavalli, it is at about 12 Km from Chennai Main Bus stand and is at about 9 Km from Chennai Central railway station. The hostel is very close to the local bus stand that has good bus connectivity with all the parts of the city. The hostel is also close to many destinations with cultural and/or touristic importance such as Marina Beach.


Red lollipop hostel has one of the best ambiences in the state. The hostel is decorated with various paintings, posters, and art pieces that flaunt the older and presumably better times. The atmosphere at Red lollipop hostels is also great. The hostel comprises of a dining room, shared kitchen, TV room, common room and other such facilities that make it possible for the guests to interact and connect with their fellow hostel mates. To ensure the guest’s safety, the hostel consists of electronic doors that can be only opened with the admission cards given by the staff.

About the dorm: They have separate dorms for men and women. Each room consists of 5 to 6 beds each fitted with a plug point next to it.


The staffs at Red lollipop hostels are extremely friendly and helpful. They ensure the safety of the guest by making sure everyone carries the given admission card when they walk in and out of the hostel. They can be easily approached about any queries or concerns.


Red Lollipop hostel has a common kitchen of its own and it is equipped with the basic ingredients and equipment that are used in cooking. One can easily prepare their own lunch or go to the nearby restaurants. As the hostel is in one of the prime locations of the city, a wide variety of food can be found for a variety of price.

What’s near?

Chennai is a very big and busy city. People visit Chennai for various reasons. However, tourism is not one of the major reasons but that doesn’t mean that the city is short of tourist places. It has a couple beaches, a number of temples, government museum and other places one can visit.

Kapaleeswarar temple

At just about 1 Km from the hostel is one of the city’s oldest temples, Kapaleeswarar temple. The shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple that is built in the Dravidian style of architecture dates back to 1250 AD. The temple is located in Mylapore, Chennai. The temple is at a walk able distance from the Red Lollipop hostels.

Theosophical Society

Located in Adyar, the Theosophical society is at about 2 Km from the Red lollipop hostel. The theosophical society was founded by Helena Blavatsky. The society initially had their headquarters in New York and later they shifted to Adyar. Along with a Banyan Tree, the campus consists of many other old trees which give the place a pleasant and peaceful appearance.

St Thomas Cathedral

St Thomas Cathedral was originally built by Portuguese explorers of the 16th century. It was later rebuilt by the British. The cathedral has anecdotes associated with St. Thomas, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus. The cathedral is situated in Santhome which is at just about 2 Km from the hostel.

Shop at T Nagar

The shopping hub of Chennai, T Nagar is just 3 Km from the Red lollipop hostel. It consists of roads lined up with stalls that sell accessories, garments and popular Chennai silk saris, and almost everything under the son. Jewellery stores in T Nagar sell the most gold in Chennai. It also has Chennai’s biggest private lending library – Raviraj Lending Library.

Marina Beach

The most popular and most crowded Marina Beach is at around 3 Km from the hostel. The urban beach is lined up with monuments and statues of various individuals who have had great impacts on others’ lives. The promenade is the best spot to enjoy evening walks by the sea and also munch on some local food.

What I liked the most!

My favourite part about Red Lollipop Hostel is how colourful the place is. The hostel has coloured its entrance red and has hung various classic posters on the walls adjoining the stair case. The common room consists of a wall that is filled with happy and heart touching comments by visitors. Even the dorms are designed and decorated in a very appealing manner. They also have big lockers to accommodate any XXL backpack.

Why should you go?

Whether you want to go on a short tour around the Chennai city or stay in the city for a few days on work, Red lollipop hostel is your best bet. At a reasonable price, the hotel provides extremely comfortable accommodation. It also provides a great opportunity to connect and socialize with individuals from all over the world.

Do I recommend it?

Of course, yes!

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