Hostel By The Sea- Kochi

-Ekta Poddar

There are many reasons to visit wonderful Kochi. You may have flown in to the town to travel through Kerala, or may be visiting to take in the charms of Fort Kochi, to stroll along the spice scented lanes of Mattancherry, or visit the oldest synagogue in the British Commonwealth. You could be here to be inspired by the international art at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, or perhaps it is a few days of work that brings you to town. Whatever your reason be, do check out Hostel by the Sea as a great stay option.

Street art in Fort Kochi

About Hostel by the Sea

The motto of Hostel by the Sea is to provide their guests with great hospitality and to create a space where backpackers can enjoy being a part of the travellers’ community. With its large and airconditioned dorms, excellent location, and several amenities that have been designed keeping in mind the needs of backpackers, the hostel more than makes for a hospitable and enjoyable stay.

Spacious Dorms and Bathrooms

There are two mixed dorms with twenty bunk beds each. The beds are positioned such that one does not feel crowded. The dorms are airconditioned, which can prove to be a welcome blessing in the warmer summer months.  Each dorm has its attached set of bathrooms. With the toilets, shower stalls and sink areas being split, you can comfortably use the facilities even when the hostel is running to full capacity.

The Dorm at the Hostel by the Sea

Useful Amenities

There are several thoughtful amenities and gestures that make your stay at Hostel by the Sea comfortable and convenient.

  • Personal lockers and plug points: Each bunk bed comes with a large locker for you to store any valuable belongings in. Further, you also have your personal power outlets to plug your electronic devices in, and I was quite thankful at not clambering down from my top bunk and hopping across the room to charge my phone and Kindle.

  • Clean linen: The beds are made up with fresh linen and blankets, which are promptly replaced when a guest checks out.

  • Common areas and open kitchen: There is a large common area that leads to the dorms, and I was quite tempted to sit awhile on the low seating and read a book with the sunlight streaming in. But there is so much to see and do in Kochi, that I had to leave my reading plans for another time! There is also a kitchen that you can use to brew up some tea or coffee.

Free wi-fi: While at the hostel, you get free access to fast wi-fi, something that the digital nomad will quite appreciate

Around the corner from the hostel

Friendly and helpful staff and founders

The staff at the hostel was prompt with their service and quite helpful. I met one of the founders who gave me some very welcome and sound recommendations on the restaurants and eateries that I must visit, and the local sights I should check out. All his suggestions, or rather the ones I could try out during my stay, worked out quite well.

Eclectic dorm-mates

Expect to share the dorm with backpackers and those who have travelled to Kochi for work. The hostel sees travellers from all over the world, and it’s easy to make friends, swap travel tales and perhaps even meet like-minded people you want to share the next leg of journey with. I teamed up with another female solo traveller to explore some of the Fort Kochi eateries – very little beats sharing appam and stew with a new-found friend on a rainy evening! The hostel is completely safe for females travelling solo.

Breakfast pitstop at Cafe Qissa

Superb Location

When choosing a hostel, location is critical. You want to be close to the sights to see, the local markets, and places to eat. You also want to be someplace that is easy to get to which, in turn, is well connected by public transport to other parts of the town. Hostel by the Sea has all these features and more.

  • As the name suggests, the hostel is located by the seashore. A short walk will lead you to the beach promenade or Vasco da Gama square that is the best place to see the cantilevered Chinese nets. The technology of these fishing nets was brought to India, centuries ago, from the court of Kubla Khan. It is fascinating to watch them in operation. The same goes for the cats prowling by the boats hoping for a fishy tit-bit. The Chinese nets are also a photographer’s delight and be sure to catch them during the iconic sunsets that the coast is famous for.

  • Fort Kochi, with its historic churches, quaint, and charming street art, is a walker’s paradise. The Vasco da Gama square is at the head of the town and you can start here and work your way south. Alternately, walk down to the Santa Cruz Basilica and leisurely make your way North, taking in all the historic buildings, churches and pausing for a coffee and some freshly baked cake at one of the numerous cafes dotting the town.

  • There are several eateries, cafes, and restaurants to suit all budgets and preferences close to Hostel by the Sea. There are food stalls by the beach that will cook up some freshly caught fish especially for you, or the all-vegetarian Annapurna is just around the corner. The Qissa café at No. 18 Hotel is a barely a hop away from the hostel. Go there for some delicious European fare; heavenly omelettes for breakfast and bistro/café style food through the day. The famous Kashi café is also a short walk away and be sure to visit them for a view of their art gallery and some chocolate cake!

  • Hostel by the Sea is very well connected by public transport. The Fort Kochi bus stand is around the corner and buses in Ernakulam town and many long-distances buses will depart from here/drop you off here. If you want to get to Vypin island, the ferry terminal is across the road from the hostel. A few hundred metres down the road will lead you to the Fort Kochi Ferry Station from where ferries connect to Ernakulam and Mattancherry.

All in all, I had a wonderful stay at the Hostel by the Sea. As they say, the proof of the pudding lies in the eating – hope you visit Fort Kochi some day and experience the hostel’s hospitality for yourself.

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