Story of Indian Holi festival – Part 1

All set for the festival of Holi to begin. But why is it celebrated? Don’t you think that Indian mythology has got a story something behind it? Yes! It has! Let’s know the story of Indian Holi festival. 

According to Bhagavata Purana, the king of Asuras, Hiranyakashipu earned a boon which gave him five special powers.

  1. He can be killed by neither by a human nor an animal
  2. Neither outdoor nor indoor
  3. Neither at night nor during the day
  4. Neither using projectile weapons nor using handheld weapons
  5. Neither on land nor in water.   

The king Hiranyakashipu

Source: Sagarworld

All these powers made him grow arrogant and he started compelling people to pray him instead of praying to every other God. But his son, Prahladha was against his rule and used to pray Lord Vishnu. This made the king go wild and he sketched cruel plans to kill Prahlada along with his wife, Holika.                As per the plan, Holika had to deceive Prahladha and make him sit on a pyre along with her. However, she had a cloak covered but it was Prahladha who was in danger. Then happened something dramatic. The cloak flew and went on covering the body of Prahladha and it was Holika who was burnt.

And it was the turn of the king to pay the price for his evil thoughts. To save dharma, Lord Vishnu himself in the avatar of Narasimha ( half human, half lion) had come to the rescue of his devotee and killed Hiranyakashipu.

Lord Narasimha tearing apart King Hiranyakashipu

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The powers of the king were not enough to get out of death as it was dramatically designed. God, Narasimha ( neither human nor animal) appeared at dusk ( neither night nor morning), took the king to a doorstep (neither indoor nor outdoor), and placed him on his lap (neither on land nor on water) and ripped his body with his long claws (neither with a projectile weapon nor with a handled weapon).

Interesting Right?


Connecting the dots, one can get to know that the bonfires lit up on the day of Holi was after the death of Holika being fired and the celebration marks the culmination of evil by god ( Death of Hiranyakashipu in the hands of Lord Vishnu).

So, now that you’ve got to know the story, Make sure that reminisce the same when you celebrate!

Happy holisitc Holi

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