Story of Indian Holi Festival- Part 2

Not always does an Indian festival have wars and fights behind. If at all you believe so, here is a story to break that myth.
Who in India doesn’t adore the stories of Lord Krishna-Radha? Their eternal love story has mesmerized everyone for ages.

Holi celebrated in Mathura and Vrindavan is actually in memory of this love story. Let us know how it all happened.

It is believed that, when Lord Krishna was young, he whined about his dark complexion and always wondered why was Radha fair.
When asked about this to his mother, Yashodha, she jovially said that he could change her complexion too if he wanted to. She also suggested him to use colors to do so.
Lord Krishna felt so excited with that idea that he ran and smeared the face of Radha with colors immediately. And what might have Radha done?
She chased him back to throw colors at him! And this continued until both of them were completely in colors.

Since that incident, people celebrated colors every year in memory of Lord Krishna-Radha’s playful act.

So, the reason for celebrating Holi is not only the victory of good over evil ( the assassination of Hiranyakashipu by Lord Vishnu when he took the form of Lakshmi Narasimha ) but also, a reminiscence of love.

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Lord Krishna-Radha playing Holi

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Know more about how the story relates the places and its traditional celebration:

Barsana, a place near Mathura is said to be the origin of Holi. It was the place where Radha lived and so whenever Krishna wanted to play Holi with Radha, he along with his friends went to reach Barsana. And all the other women in that place being aware of the same used sticks to threaten men and to protect themselves from getting smeared with colors. In sync with this story, every year men from Nandgaon (the place where Krishna born) go to Barsana (where Radha lived) and the women out there beat men with sticks in a friendly manner. This tradition of celebrating Holi is called Lathmar Holi.

                                                                                                                              Lath Mar Holi


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And also, stories say that as Krishna along with his friends goes to Barsana to color the women on the day of Holi, all the women in revenge run back to the place of Krishna ( Nandgoan) the next day and throw colors over men. On the same lines, Holi in Barsana is recelebrated on the very next day in Nandgoan and this is how the celebrations go place to place.

Another place, Vrindavan also has its heart with the memories of Radha Krishna. The people here reminisce the eternal love of Lord Krishna-Radha throwing colors at each other.


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