Why I Wanna Visit India ?

– Marchessi Bogantes

India is a unique destination that impresses by its majesty, diversity, culture and history. It is considered by many historians as one of the oldest civilizations on Earth.

It is one of the world’s most ancient-surviving civilizations and has thousands of years of history to explore

As Costa Rican, I have always seen India as a country far away, huge, mysterious and authentic.

India is part of those exotic destinations that I would like to understand with an open mind of constant learning.

As every lifestyle has an explanation and reason to relate in harmony within society.

There are many reasons that attracted me to India, and motivated me to be part of a backpacking expedition full of adventures.

The holiest river in the world:

The Ganges River is much more than a river to Hindus in India and beyond, however. It is their lifeblood. Not only does it provide sustenance in the form of fishing, industry and agriculture, it is also believed to transport the prayers of believers to heaven and a dip in the river is said to purify the soul.

The beaches:

India has a coastline bounded by Indian Ocean or the three great sea’s Arabian Sea at southwest, Bay of Bengal at southeast and the Laccadive Sea to the south. The sea coastlines of Indian states are home to some of the best beaches in the world.

The chaos:

I want to embrace the chaos as an important part of my trip to India! Learning to relax, going with the flow and being at peace with things happening on ‘Indian time’ will facilitate a much deeper understanding of the nation and culture.

Religion and spirituality:

Religion and spirituality are intricately intertwined with everyday life. India is home to all of the major religions of the world. Many people also come to India to find spirituality, practising yoga or attending a meditation retreat.


India is the birthplace of yoga and is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual practices. There are a number of forms, specializations, and focuses.

The history and architecture:

India is a treasure trove for history buffs and design enthusiasts. India is an exceptionally beautiful and architecturally diverse country filled with forts, palaces, mosques, temples, monuments and ancient ruins. Home to the world’s oldest civilisation, the architecture of India is rooted in its history, religion and culture.

Regional Cuisine:

Indian food is much more than the catch-all phrase of “curry,” and like most things in India there is a surprising amount of diversity in the country’s cuisine.

Big Cities and Rural Villages:

India has some of the most populous cities in the world and some of the most remote villages. It’s great to get a balance of both, to witness the hustle-and-bustle of the crowded city life and to experience the peace and simplistic lifestyle of the villages.

The Taj Mahal:

It’s a bit cliché, but it’s a must-see. The Taj Mahal is a truly beautiful piece of architectural art, with a romantically sad story to accompany it. Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore described it as “a teardrop on the face of eternity.”

Influential Personalities:

There are several famous Indian personalities who inspired millions with their work and contributions to India’s history. Mahatma Gandhi, considered as the “father of the nation,” was a leader in the political fight for India’s independence and is on every denomination of the rupee. Rabindranath Tagore is considered as India’s national poet. Mother Teresa, is famous for her Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata.

My trip to India is an opportunity to grow from the inside, to nourish my soul and to know more about myself.

When I realized that I had obtained a fellowship to travel to India, I felt happy. Because this is a prize for Chessi Bofa, my personal project, my passion and my dream.

My blog, this virtual page that has become my catharsis. To be honest, I could not imagine myself without it! As a representative of Chessi Bofa travel to India is an achievement for me.

All the preparation of the trip has been a great adventure, many formalities, negotiations, budgets, time, yearnings, expectations and cravings. But then, everything happens in the background when visualizing my experience in India.

I have not yet gone to India and I’m already excited. I feel a lot of love for this country

"I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” ― Mary Anne Radmacher

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