Bengaluru Laughter Carnival - A Dash of Improv by Punchtantraa | Events

Starts: 03-Jun-2018 06:30:PM

Ends: 03-Jun-2018 08:30:PM

Rangasthala Auditorium: Bengaluru



Organizer Name: PunchTantraa



PunchTantraa Presents Bengaluru Laughter Carnival - A dash of Improv 

Say yes and you will figure out the rest later. Is your mind baffled with questions about what this show is, is it gonna be funny, how do they perform, will they give snacks, is there an interval etc.... DUH... Just say yes and everything else shall unfold. A one of a kind show where you would be part of the stage at every stage. You would give inputs and the super funny, super seasoned improvisers would create a gripping scene based on your suggestions. Guess what, you get to even name the show.

Can you imagine? No script, no preparation and yet the funniest stories unveil. Are you ready for a DASH of Improv? Come book your tickets for their 186th show.

Posted BY: AAO Backpackers Hostel Koramangala

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