Oil Painting on Canvas - Painting Party by Bombay Drawing Room | Events

Starts: 27-May-2018 11:00:AM

Ends: 27-May-2018 01:00:PM

Doolally, Andheri (W)



Organizer Name: Bombay Drawing Room



Learn the master medium of Oil on Canvas. If you have that lost lost desire to start painting again, join us for our Oil Painting Party by Bombay Drawing Room.

With no prior painting experience required, this will be a guided session, shedding light on the strokes, sketches and techniques and helping you paint this "Roses", getting in touch with the artist within. Oil Painting is considered to be the master medium for painting, since centuries this is used for painting. From Leonardo Da Vinci to Van Gogh all used Oil as a medium. An Oil Painting is forever.

Art supplies, and refreshments are all taken care of. And best part? Painters, beginners & non painters all are welcome, no experience in drawing and painting is needed. Oh yes, you get to carry the painting home!

Founded by a self taught Artist Snehal Patil, Bombay Drawing room is an initiative that fosters fun and non judgmental environment that was created by the vision to encourage creative expression in everyday settings.

Posted BY: AAO Backpackers Hostel Koramangala

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