Parvaaz LIVE | Events

Starts: 09-Jun-2018 09:00:PM

Ends: 09-Jun-2018 10:30:PM

BFlat, Brookefield Mall



Organizer Name: bFLAT



Parvaaz presents its first performance at the bFLAT Bar's new venue in Brookfield! The Band will perform an extended set including some old classics from the Parvaaz vault plus some newer material. Parvaaz, who have just returned from a tour of Canada, followed by a home-coming tour across India, present music that immortalises Urdu and Kashmiri poetry in their unique mix of psychedelic blues and rock.

Considered to be one of Bangalore's hottest bands they have now made an indelible mark on the Indian music map. This band is known to strike an emotional chord with their audiences through their soulful, soaring vocals and powerful guitar riffs.

Parvaaz's music has been described as a mix of blues and rock, with a hint of psychedelia like a blend of nostalgia, history and their contemporary urban life. This popular Bangalore-based rock band makes music inspired by a beautiful combination of their roots - from the misty mountains of Kashmir to the sun-drenched fields of Karnataka. Proud of their Kashmiri heritage, they write songs that speak of their personal experiences and they explore traditional literature through Kashmiri and Urdu poetry. Some of their songs tell stories as handed down by generations through Kashmiri Folklore. Their ideas are expressed through Kashmiri and Urdu lyrics. 

The band released their debut EP Behosh in 2012. Following the success of their first album, Parvaaz launched a crowd-funding campaign at bFLAT in December 2013. They achieved their target in exactly 90 days and recorded their second album, Baran. They are currently working on their third Album at Yash Raj Studios, Mumbai.

A true mark of their audience's faith in the music.


Khalid Ahamed - lead vocals, guitars

Kashif Iqbal - lead guitar, vocals

Fidel DSouza - bass

Sachin Banandur - drums and percussion

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