Mandala Doodling by Ruchi Patel | Events

Starts: 28-Jun-2018 03:00:PM

Ends: 28-Jun-2018 04:30:PM

ARTISANS' Gallery, Kalaghoda



Organizer Name: ARTISANS



Mandala is a sanskrit word which means circle. It is a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism representing the universe. It helps to purify and transmute energy as well as gives clarity of vision and thoughts so you can always see and speak truth. Stimulate your creative thinking and problem solving skills through this exciting workshop! 

Ruchi Patel has studied applied art and has a diploma in visual art from L. S. Raheja school of art, Worli. She also worked as graphic designer for Eye Catchers agency based in Thane after which she started her own brand by the name of PAINT AND PRINT, which features her original designs, illustrations and artworks.

Iteeha, as the name signifies, is connected with art from the roots of our country. They are an organization that creates awareness about traditional art forms across India and brings it into the mainstream metropolis.

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