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Starts: 20-Jul-2018 09:30:AM

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Organizer Name: Udaya Shanker



Natural colour making workshop

Perspective of Indian arts...visual, text and context

In this workshop we will practically learn to make and realise the essence of natural pigments and colours from different sources i.e. minerals, flowers, leaves and vegetables, which definitely a kind of thoughtful and humble commencement to understand the crux of ancient painting technique and understanding the aspects of Indian aesthetic theories, depicting the constant journey which flows in between the sphere of terms like form and formlessness, commonly identified as roop-aroop, chitrasutra, nad-bindu siddhant, conscept of line, time & space, rasa theory etc.  deals with enhanced act of understanding the perception and based on the sense of individual intuitions towards the world of colours from which we all are surrounded.  

Amit Kalla born 7 February 1980 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, did Masters in Art and Aesthetics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi & studied Art History from the National Museum Institute specializing in ancient Indian art (Iconography). He widely is observing children response on art mediums,he has a deep knowledge of making natural colors, while working as a freelance artist and writer he gathered lots of resources which are extinguished.

The first collection of Amit Kalla’s poems Hone Na Hone Se Pare was awarded the prestigious Jyanpeeth’s Young Poet Award, a national award for emerging poets. He has since published 4 collections includingShabdShabdVisarjan,Rit - Anrit and One Death God all of which have been critically acclaimed.

He had 14 one man shows  participated in more then 60 group shows along with Art Singapore, OZ Asia Festival Australia, International writer’s meet UAE. His poems and drawings are widely published in many contemporary Indian literary journals and magazines. Amit is also one of the coordinator of Jaipur Art Summit. Much of the body of his work can be represented by his commitment to experimenting with social engagement through the arts. It is here his strength lies. Through his deep connection to a cultural expression of a universal spirituality and passionate sense of humanity Kalla, continuously draws people from all communities into acts of creativity in the belief that through creativity people are empowered and communities move incrementally closer to truth.

The strength of Kalla’s work is that it represents an Indian artist’s quest for an indigenous tenor rather than a superficial inventory of native motifs, there is nothing about his work which relies on a static Indian Identity. In the context of the New India with its glamour and explosive economics, he is searching for a new representation of the innermost dramas of his culture while maintaining universality and individuality. There is a certain naivety in both his painting and writing which represents detachment but contains too a knowing gesture of assurance.

-Daniel Connell,


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