Act One - Beginners' Theatre Workshop - With Tahatto | Events

Starts: 28-Jul-2018 10:00:AM

Ends: 28-Jul-2018 06:00:PM

Anahata Yoga Zone



Organizer Name: Tahatto



For the first time in Hyderabad, we welcome to the 5th edition of Tahatto's 1-Weekend Theatre workshop for Beginners - "Act One". The last 4 editions of the workshop have proved to be a catalyst for the participants for not just exploring theatre but also exploring themselves.

Theatre is more than just performance. It is a process of understanding one's body, finding a voice, discovering confidence, learning to observe, or simply, finding joy.

This workshop is for you if:
1. You would like to get past your inhibitions and stage-fear.
2. You would like to explore the basics of performing on stage.
3. You have been wanting to get a taste of what it takes to build characters.
4. You would like to boost your confidence and communication skills.
5. You love Pani Puri! (Just kidding although it's a Plus if you do)

Come join us for fun weekend of learning something new and making friends. Limited to 10 Seats!

What is it really now?

Tahatto's Act One is a 1-weekend introductory theatre workshop that's designed around theatre exercises & activities to let individuals get the first-hand experience of theatre. Whether it is to enhance your awareness and confidence as a public speaker, presenter or performer, this workshop is focused on getting you started, and on the floors.

Workshop Specifications:

- The workshop will be held over 1 weekend - Saturday & Sunday.
- It's an all-day event and open for ages - 17+.
- It's open for everyone irrespective of experience, interest and food habits.
- Lunch and Snacks will be provided as part of the workshop.
- Wear loose and comfortable clothes. Jeans to be strictly avoided.
- Please ensure you are available for the complete duration of the workshop.
- Certificates will be awarded to all participants who complete the workshop. 

There are limited slots! Once registered, there will be no refunds.

Date - 28th & 29th July'17 - Saturday & Sunday
Time - 10.00am to 6.00pm
Venue - Anahata yoga studio, Kondapur

Registration Fee - Rs.2999

Special Offer - Use the discount code "ACTEARLY" for a flat discount of Rs.499/-. Applicable till 16th July 2018.    

Posted BY: AAO Backpackers Hostel Koramangala

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