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Starts: 28-Jul-2018 07:00:PM

Ends: 28-Jul-2018 09:30:PM

Gujarat University Convention Auditorium GMDC



Organizer Name: Indent



Sivamani, Ravi Chary, Sangeet Haldipur

The Sivamani Trio:

From telling stories around a bonfire to witnessing Gladiators combats in the Colosseum, listening to Divas and prima donnas in grand opera shows, to revisiting the magnanimity of a Shakespearean play on various platforms, our society has come far in its pursuit of entertainment and socializing. 

The times have changed, the generations have changed but the quest for an event which is eclectic in taste, overwhelming, soul stirring and pleasing to all senses, continues. 

Although music has been the common thread of connection since ages yet the likes of traditional performances, choirs, ensemble entertainers, orchestra to world-class concerts, one has perhaps experienced all of it. Thus, when they thought of creating a never before experience for their tasteful Amdavadi audience, they could think of nothing less than 'The Sivamani Trio'. 

'The Sivamani Trio' is a curated musical series, an avant-garde music series meant to appease all your senses. Under the banner of Indent, this is an opportunity to connect with the evolved audience of the city, enjoy and appreciate art in various forms and immerse yourself in the soulful music of exceptionally talented artists from all across the world. 

Their curated list of global artists and events line-up is meant for the aesthetically evolved. They invite you to be a part of this musical extravaganza to experience enchanted evenings. Their singers are Divas and Divo, their musicians: maestros. Their breath-taking and spell bounding melodies can lead your soul to nirvana! 

They invite you to be part of a phenomenon and witness history in making, they invite you to experience 'The Sivamani Trio'. 

Sivamani Trio:

A Trio that combines elements of Indian Classical, Jazz and World Percussions, making it a big hit for evolved audience.

Sivamani is truly a World Percussionist, surrounding his kit with an array of instruments from around the world. He is most popular for his ability to create music out of just about anything, his performance is an audio-visual delight, hence he's called the magician on percussions. His style is Deceptive to the uninitiated. Deeply profound and mysterious at one moment, tantalizing and exuberant at the next augmenting the brute power, are his rhythmic style and harmony, which surround the discerning listener with warmth, joy and bliss.

Pt. Ravi Chary is a child-prodigy, who started playing Sitar at age 5. Highly acclaimed by critics and connoisseurs for his excellent command over Laya and Layakari, he has performed with the finest including the Late maestros Kishori Amonkar and Sultan Khan.

Sangeet Haldipur is an extraordinary keyboardist, singer and film music composer, whose earliest claim to fame was as a vocalist in the Pop band Aasma.

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