Bollywood Night Live ft. 2Blue (Pune) | Events

Starts: 17-Aug-2018 08:30:PM

Ends: 17-Aug-2018 10:00:PM

Hard Rock Cafe



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2Blue likes to be addressed as a work-in-progress. While he has enjoyed several high-profile job titles in the past, he believes that its only his work that describes who he really is. So far, 2Blue has sung, acted, written, and spoken. He believes in educating and inspiring, and not just entertaining. Born Tirthankar Poddar, 2Blue has done time in theater, bands, corporate jobs, and several things in between to acquire the wisdom of an old soul yet retaining the energy of a playful teenager. His live performances combine storytelling, life lessons, and music to create an experience that points towards higher truths. But you dont have to take our word for it. Ask a friend. Or better still, come to Hard Rock Cafe Pune for his concert on Friday, August 17 to find out.

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