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Starts: 13-Oct-2018 10:00:AM

Ends: 14-Oct-2018 05:00:PM

Craft Village



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The two day workshop helps you learn one of the most authentic & rare craft techniques on Ply-Split Braiding historically evolved at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan by nomads. This craft technique is only technique in the world to be most versatile with which you can create any product, be it Apparel, and Accessories, Made-ups, Textiles, Furniture or anything you imagine. The workshop helps you in;
1. Learning the concept of Ply-split that NO crochet or macramé can ever do.
2. Since it’s done with hands, using fingers making it a highly tactile and meditative craft form. 
3. It helps you to understand structure and design through braiding, and the technique can help you create products with no wastage, universal fitting, organic fibres and is sustainable.
4. It brings on board very interesting patterns achieved through three dimensional braiding, that itself create very compositional visual aesthetics.
5. It helps eliminate all processes in Textiles and Apparels including printing, dyeing, processing, pattern-making, construction by creating garments and accessories that has “Seamless and Timeless” appeal, no technology is yet developed as counter to camel braiding to create seamless garments & products.
6. This workshop is must for every craft enthusiast, every fashion, design and textiles student, researcher, faculty and professionals, who want a fashion product to be Innovative and sustainable.
Today this technique is one of most innovative technique for creating seamless garments, lifestyle products & fashion accessories using single or two yarns. It can help in reducing the process of making it possible to create garments and multi-purpose products using single technique. Hence, expenditure on manufacturing infrastructure is almost NIL and needs human calibre to calibrate it. This also creates these techniques amongst “Fashion without guilt” as it doesn’t have any carbon footprint, no pollution and is completely environment friendly and can help fight climate change. Perhaps the only “Sustainable Fashion” in the world. This technique in particular can avoid material wastage, issues in garment fitting and creates responsible production models.

The Master
Erroll Pires Neilson, the world renowned Camel Braiding Master who revived this technique into contemporary which the world follows now. A Graduate of NID and former Head of Textiles, NID Ahmedabad has dedicated his life for this particular Craft. Erroll has revived the “Art of braiding” through 27 years of extensive work and have exhibited nationally and internationally at United States, and several countries in Europe including United Kingdom, and his pieces are part of the permanent collection in Whitworth Museum in Manchester, besides creating masterpieces in braiding he has tirelessly taught and shared this great art with students and researchers of various universities and institutions across the world, so that it can be fully revived and brought into mainstream textile industry. He is also known as the last living legend in India to know Camel Braiding.

FEE: Rs 5000/- for two days that includes material and lunch.
Timings-10 AM to 5 PM both days

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