Padmasree HARIHARAN Live in Concert | Events

Starts: 14-Oct-2018 06:00:PM

Ends: 14-Oct-2018 08:30:PM

White Orchid



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Padmasree Hariharan Live in concert – A beautiful expression of music happening in White Orchid , Manyata techpark, Outer Ring Road- Bangalore on 14th October 2018,  for Kerala Chief Minister Flood Relief Fund. The evening will also presided by ministers of Kerala and Karnataka and various celebrities from the music and film industries.

The state of Kerala & Kodagu has experienced some of the worst rains and floods in recent history. So many children’s and their families are still homeless. These families have lost almost everything in the rain and are in desperate need of help. We need to extend our helping hands to our beloved ones who are suffering due to floods.

The concert led by Padmasree Hariharan will be donated towards the Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF).

 Let’s join our hands to extend our support and uphold the humanity for this noble cause.

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