The Mighty Ladakh Expedition 2018 | Events

Starts: 28-Apr-2018 12:00:AM

Ends: 05-May-2018 12:00:AM

Leh, India



Organizer Name: Russell Dmello


Description: 'The Mighty Ladakh Expedition' - 2018 A Photowalk Bengaluru Event. April 28th - May 5th Ladakh, the land of high passes, of biting cold and dramatically high barren landscapes, is one of the highest inhabited plateaus in the world. Remote, yet never isolated, this is the land of varied cultural and religious influences from Tibet, India and Central Asia. It is here where the uttermost and beyond of Invisible India dwells high. Photographically, the simplicity, irregularity, austerity, modesty and intimacy echo, the integrity of nature and its relentless processes and the varied unadulterated cultures deserves to be frozen in time. Raw and uncensored, this place mesmerizes and confronts you with its awesome and somewhat disquieting grandeur. To capture it is to capture the essence of life itself. If it has to be a vacation in India that’s to be lived in memories for a lifetime, it has to be LADAKH! The colorful monasteries, steep curves, snow-topped peaks, double humped camels, burning sun, freezing winds and a destination that comes straight out of the world of fantasies. Bordered on the northwest with Pakistan, north with the Chinese province of Sinkiang and east with Tibet, stands this GIANT kingdom. Even if you are an Indian traveler, this world would not be same like the people you have left behind. Take this road for this is less travelled. This leads to a whole new unseen world. For details reach us on : Russell Dmello: 9008890609 Ajay Kumar Salanky: 9844161733 Pradeep Rachappa : 9483815912 Or Mail us : Photowalk Bengaluru Shoot | Share | Learn

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