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Starts: 21-Oct-2018 09:30:AM

Ends: 21-Oct-2018 05:30:PM

Alliance Francaise of Madras



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Greetings from Skills Factory,

We appreciate your quest for Continuous Learning.

Learn the secrets to making events, concerts, and even conventions a resounding success. Plan, organize, and host events like a professional even if it's your very first time. Ever noticed how the best events look effortless? Everything just seems to unfold perfectly and at just the right moment. A well-planned, well-run event, concert, or convention is a thing of beauty.

However, anyone who has put together such a gathering knows it is anything but easy and effortless. Nothing not even the smallest detail can be left to chance. If there's ever a time when you can count on seeing Murphy's Law in action, it's during an event. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. As the designated meeting planner, you are responsible for making sure that doesn't happen. Can this workshop help you prepare and plan for any event?


And now, it's up to you to bring it all together like clockwork to create the memorable occasion everyone is anticipating. Get the tips, techniques, and tricks the pros use to put on flawless events in this functional workshop. The truth about organizing a perfect event will be disclosed. Being organized, doing the right things at the right time, and understanding a few key strategies are mere starters.

You'll discover the inside track at this workshop and come away with the confidence you need to pull everything off like a real pro, even if this is your first time planning an event. Invest your time with us in the event management workshop, and save yourself the worry, wrong turns, and wasted effort.


Course Curriculum:

1.          Planning

-            Budgeting

-            Artist management

-            Man Power Analysis

-            Vendor Selection & Management

-            Event set up & production


2.          Marketing

-            Understanding the Audience

-            Traditional Methods

-            Marketing Styles

-            Social Media

-            Event Branding

-            Language Essence

-            Marketing Associations


3.          Pay roll Management

-            Advances

-            Credit

4.          Brand Associations & Sponsors

5.          Venue Management

-           Understanding the venue

6.          Event documentation and metrics.

7.          Security & Entry Management

-            Crowd control measures

-            Methods to check counterfeiting

8.          Legalities & Licensing

-            Agreements

-            Police permits

-            Licensing 

9.          Negotiation Skills 

-            Body Language

 10.        Delegation & Outsourcing


Who can Attend? 

1.    Entrepreneurs

2.    Intra-preneurs

3.    Students / Graduates

4.    Event managers 

5.    Heads / Managing Directors of Start ups

6.    Individuals interested in perfecting their planning, organizing & managing   


7.    Promoters

8.    Marketers

9.    People looking for a change of Industry

10.  People looking to refine their role in the existing industry.

10.  Event management enthusiasts

11.  Wedding Planners

12.  Event Management companies 

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