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Muskotia Retreat: Nainital



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Muskotia Day out is an experience worth visiting. Enjoy the enchanting Himalayas from Muskotia, Kilbury, Nainital (17 kms from Nainital Mall road). The drive to Muskotia from Nainital down town is mesmerizing. Route is through Kilbury forest which has dense plantation of Oak ,Rhododendron and coniferous Trees. This area is very rich in flora and fauna. Don't be surprised if on your way you come across a Deer or fox sighting or see some very beautiful birds and butterflies. Natural waterfalls come up at various places during the monsoon season. Drive upto Muskotia is something to die for. Refer for directions to reach Muskotia.

Nainital is 260 kms from Delhi NCR. With new expanded highway having come up for most of the way one can reach Nainital in just little over 6 hours and further 30 minutes to Muskotia. Reach Muskotia (7200 feet/2100 meters above sea level) in your conveyance. Park the vehicle on road head. Hop into Muskotia 4x4 drive shuttle. 5 minutes drive in the shuttle to reach Muskotia exclusive property on the Hill top. Enjoy your day out experience. Its a great weekend getaway overlooking the snow clad Himalayas and to Connect with Nature.

Lunch at Muskotia is a concept offering by the Anand family. The lunch is prepared on slow food cooking methodology. Utensils used for cooking are made up of Brass /Copper/Bronze and Mud clay. Most of the dishes are cooked on wood fire using Northern Himalayan herbs, lentils and vegetables. Food is multi course served to guests on fixed meal basis on their table in the dining hall. Food is served in Bronze utensils. Since ages food in Bronze utensils is considered for improving health of connective tissues, hair and eyes. Choice of Vegetarian / non vegetarian food.


- Welcome drink on arrival

- Multi course lunch served on your table

- Evening herbal tea with Local vegetable Kebabs served in Muskotia lawns overlooking the Himalayas.

- Experience beautiful sun set views while sipping Muskotia herbal Tea Zahns.

- 20 odd items comprise of complete food and drinks offering

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