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Starts: 10-Nov-2018 05:00:PM

Ends: 10-Nov-2018 09:00:PM

Mohit Moitra Mancha



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We “Destination unplugged” an extensively renowned musical team, a melody house of fresh, aspiring talents and prolific dedicated professionals. Destination unplugged has continued its journey for last five years with a grand success, it is our pleasure to announce that after a great accomplishment of “Immortal Legends” in 2017 we are ready for “PANCH - E - PANCHAM” on 10th November 2018. A carnival of R.D.Burman and his eternal creations.

Our aim is to let our audience discover Rahul Dev Burman the composer, singer his creativity, his experiments and his ingenuity. The person who glorified the Indian music industry throughout his journey. The first half of the show will be conducted by the young talents from the current generation. The newbie fans of Pancham.

The next half of the show performed by Mumbai and Kolkata based professional famous musicians with the accompaniment of Anindita Nag on singing. And a special segment will be performed by our celebrity guest and one of the finest musician of R.D.Burman group Mr. Vijay Katkar. With the accompaniment of Raja Nag on guitar. 

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