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Starts: 27-Oct-2018 08:30:PM

Ends: 27-Oct-2018 09:30:PM

Ouroboros - The Art Hub: Ahmedabad



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After turning 30 and losing the enthusiasm of youth, all Azeem Banatwalla can see around him is problems. He tried ignoring them, accepting them, even running away from them, but they refuse to leave him be.

A show primarily written while in a car stuck in traffic, Problem is a look at teenagers, overpopulation, the government, humanity, and birds (you read that correctly) through Azeem’s kaleidoscope of cynicism, acerbic wit, and other words from a thesaurus.

Problems is funny, provocative, dark, and occasionally profound. It’s a show that challenges the way we look at society, in the hope of finding a solution..!

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