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Starts: 10-Nov-2018 10:00:AM

Ends: 11-Nov-2018 06:00:PM

IIT Madras Research Park



Organizer Name: Lema Labs



Lema Labs (Incubated at IIT Madras Incubation Cell) is a company founded by IIT Alumni under the guidance of faculty members of IIT Madras. They are striving to build an ecosystem for emerging technologies by providing support to stakeholders which include student community, educational institutions, and the industry.

Why Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to be the next big thing in technology and will be the most important factor impacting fundamental business logic in the coming decades. It is defined as the network of physical objects - devices, vehicles, buildings and other items - embedded with sensors, electronics, software and network connectivity that enables these objects to get the ability to sense and communicate.

There are now about 4.6 billion connected devices excluding phones, tablets, and laptops. A number that is expected to increase to 15.3 billion in the next five years according to the Ericsson Mobility report. A recent study released by Gartner says that 43% of all companies are using or plan to implement an IoT application.


Chennai: 23rd - 24th June 2018

Coimbatore: 7th - 8th July 2018

Bengaluru: 21st- 22nd July 2018

Time: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm.

Highlights of the workshop:

Theory + Practical sessions

Working with Node MCU (Inbuilt Wi-Fi) development kit

Android Application development using MIT App Inventor

Arduino Programming

Adafruit IO and IFTTT concepts

Individual Node MCU developments kits provided to students

All the necessary software will be provided to students.


Day 1:

Basics of Arduino Programming

HTML Coding basics

Node MCU development Kit - Description

Creating a Web page

Creating a Server on Node MCU

Controlling of IO peripheral on Node MCU using Web page

Introduction to MIT App Inventor

Building an Android App and Controlling IO Peripheral.

Day 2:

Working with IFTTT

MQTT Protocol

Using Adafruit IO

Getting Sensor Values and Updating it Live

Push notifications, Facebook/Twitter status update

Controlling of IO over the Internet using Google Assistant.

Certification: Students will be certified by Lema Labs Technologies Pvt Ltd and IIT Madras Alumni Association.

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