FNL Ft Dark Light & IVAR | Events

Starts: 02-Nov-2018 09:00:PM

Ends: 02-Nov-2018 11:00:PM




Organizer Name: Blue Frog



IVAR started around in the mid of 2017. It was just a fine partial rainy/sunny day to start the venture. A line of 4 individuals initially, started-off with a mindset to create a wonderful and a whole new stuffs to the kingdom of Music. Adding to the fact, OPETH, Athena, Pink Floyd, Nile, Plini, Tool, Gojira and porcupine tree are some of our huge influences that led us to begin our auspicious musical journey and these bands did teach us few things. We aspire to bring good and heavy sounds adding a blend of acoustics ambiance. We have collaborated with different musicians across India adding to our experience.

IVAR Will be performing a salutation to Opeth.

Dark Light is a five Piece Psychedelic/ Progressive rock band from Bangalore, formed in the year 2013. The Band,s music can be described as a soulful mix of progressive elements, ambient psychedelic soundscapes and the drive and energy of stadium rock.

Dark Light will be Performing a salutation to Porcupine Tree.

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