Rukmini Vijayakumar &Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts | Events

Starts: 02-Nov-2018 06:30:PM

Ends: 02-Nov-2018 07:30:PM

Experimental Theatre: NCPA



Organizer Name: NCPA



Mala by Rukmini Vijayakumar & 

Jan Jaati by Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts

The quadruple bill explores several aspects of the traditional form of Bharatanatyam and moves them into a contemporary context while shifting perspectives on approach to space, dynamics and emotive flow. It retains the original context and vocabulary of the form while pushing boundaries. Bharatanatyam has two aspects to the form – the physical movement of the body as well as a stylised theatrical story expressing the emotive element. The two elements often exist side by side without having anything to do with one another. The pieces in Mala attempt to bring physicality to the otherwise purely emotive, theatrical aspects and bring raw emotion into the movements themselves. The physical vocabulary that otherwise often serves as ornamentation interspersed with theatrical expression then becomes a part of the emotive narrative.

Jan Jaati is inspired by the notes 'Reason for Living'. Would you like to enter humanity? That's a choice you didn’t get, unlike the choices we have created for everything else shaping up humanity. Processes, programmes, parameters, and propaganda assure the passage of time that you know everything eventually leads to point zero. So how far are you willing to go through the passage to find point zero again? Have you come too far already?

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