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Starts: 17-Nov-2018 04:00:PM

Ends: 17-Nov-2018 06:00:PM

G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture: Mumbai



Organizer Name: Port



You’re halfway through your third pint and a delectable slice of pizza – one of the many specialties of the home-style food served at PORT, watching scraps of paper being passed back and forth across the community table. You’re surrounded by brilliant, curious minds – faces contorted in concentration, scribbling their theories, exchanging their thoughts in conspiratorial whispers. And you spend your evening discovering new ideas and new conversations!

PORT presents Q for Curiosity – a monthly quiz every third Saturday of every month for the inquisitive minds.

The quiz will be conducted by Yooti Bhansali – writer, editor, ex - content developer and quiz conductor.

The theme for this quiz session is Sex and Stationary that attempts to touch upon both, the popular and the obscure, in an interesting way. No previous knowledge or expertise required, bring your own curiosity.

Donor Pass includes a cover of INR 200 reimbursable at PORT against F&B from the menu during the quiz program only

Winners get 2 complimentary passes worth INR 1,600 each for Sunday PORT Brunch!

Quizzing is a format that entertains, piques curiosity and encourages active participation. With this series, we wish to build a community of curious and intellectual individuals, providing a space for an exchange of thoughts and ideas, and encourage debate and dialogue.

Through this interactive format of quizzing across a wide spectrum of topics, we hope to encourage further exploration and propel participants into a journey of discovery and exploration.

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