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Starts: 15-Dec-2018 05:00:PM

Ends: 15-Dec-2018 07:00:PM




Organizer Name: CLOwork



Everyone as a human flourish when they live, share and grow as a community. It creates a sense of belonging and develops a culture which fosters individual growth. That's how humanity as a species thrived.

The idea of community is to bring people with diverse characteristics who are linked by social ties, share common perspectives together on a common platform and engage them in collective actions.

Modern technology-based businesses have realized the potential of communities for profitability and sustainability. This session aims to cover perspectives on how successful communities can be built for business advantage.


1. Defining Community

2. Purpose of Communities

3. Community Capacity Building

4. What makes a Successful Community

5. Case Studies and more.

Target Audience:

1. Social Entrepreneurs

2. Tech Founders

3. Community Managers

4. Social Club Moderators

5. Anybody else.

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