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Starts: 01-Dec-2018 01:00:PM

Ends: 01-Dec-2018 10:00:PM

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Intricately designed a workshop on Art & Techniques of public speaking. Facilitated by Akhshay Gandhi (Theatre Practitioner and invited speaker at TEDx & Economic Times Summit).

Voice Intensive: The sessions will focus on techniques of voice and cultivating a deeper & strong voice for public speaking. Working in detail with various factors which impacts one's voice and its elements like, tone, resonance, breath, muscular support and breath-voice connection. The sessions will offer techniques to work on these aspects as well as help participants unlock their potentials.

Text Intensive: The sessions will focus on techniques of delivering and composing speaking text with impact. Working with various aspects of handling text and preparations to deliver it effectively. Sessions will bring in techniques of analyzing the text, layering it with subtext, expressivity & imagination, through break-ups and effective way of delivering an argument. Each participant will work on well-composed text to practice these techniques.

* Both Intensives can be attended independently.

Areas of focus: 

Voice | Breath | Text Analysis & Composition | Speaking apparatus | Body-Mind connect | Communication Channels | Stage Presence | Performance Energy.

Designed for Business Executives, Leaders, Professionals, Actors, Teachers, Speakers, Managers, Trainers, and Students.

Additional learning from sessions:

1. Breathing techniques and their use for the speaking process.

2. Cultivating mind's capacity to engage with the in-depth working of thoughts, ideas and subject matter.

3. Connecting body, breath, thought, voice and speaking.

4. Enhance stage presence.

5. Deeper communication channels, like energy, connection, compositions.


1. Awareness 2. Cultivation 3. Articulation

The facilitation is designed to heighten the awareness towards multiple capacities, which informs the speaking process, like voice, breath, thought flow, internal working of body-mind connection etc,, cultivating these capacities with practical and advanced techniques and integrate capacities and sensibilities to deliver an influential speech. 


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