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Starts: 03-Dec-2018 09:30:AM

Ends: 03-Dec-2018 02:30:PM

IIT Madras Research Park



Organizer Name: Lema Labs



Kaizen Robotics Program is a certificate training program to provide students a steep learning curve in the field of robotics. Kaizen is a 2-year curriculum for emerging technologies developed by Lema Labs (Incubated at IIT Madras Incubation Cell). The program comprises 40 hours of Intensive Training conducted as a classroom course and 4 months Guidance Program supported through their office at IIT Madras Research Park and IKP-Eden.

Till now, more than 4500 students have been trained under the Kaizen Robotics Program. Their clients include few of the best technical institutes in Chennai and Bengaluru.

Intensive Training Program:

Their top trainers will conduct intensive hands-on learning sessions at IIT Madras Research Park. Students will be provided hands-on learning to make more than 10 robots. All required resources such as components, resource booklets, software, etc will be provided to the students.


Basics of Robotics

Micro-controllers (AVR ATMEGA 16)

Embedded C Programming

Line Follower Robot

Obstacle Avoidance Robot

Analogue to Digital Conversion (ADC)

Interfacing Analog sensors

Light Intensity Based Robots

Direction Controlled Robot

Arduino Programming

UART - Serial Communication & Computer Controlled Robot

Bluetooth Controlled Robot 

Working with Stepper & Servo Motors

Cartesian Robots - Handwriting Robot


Improved Circuit Building Skills

Knowledge to work with AVR Microcontrollers & Arduino

Working with DC, Stepper & Servo Motors

Analog & Digital Sensors

Hands-on skills to work on Embedded & Robotics Projects

Programming skills - AVR & Arduino 

Improved Debugging Skills

Guidance Program:

Kaizen students will be provided guidance to participating in robotics competitions and technical projects. This guidance will be provided through hangout sessions, hangout seminars, in-person meeting, etc. This guidance will be provided for 4 months post intensive training program.

- Hobby/Research Projects

- Participation in Competitions

- Project funding and Product development.

Program Fee:

- Fee for the program is INR 9500/- (inclusive of all taxes) per participant

- A student must pay an advance of INR 1500 to confirm the registration and pay the remaining fee on the first day of the program

- Payment once done will be non-refundable.

Certification: Participants will be certified by Lema Labs and IIT Madras Alumni Association.

Schedule: Classes will happen between 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM.

Crash Course Batches03rd Dec - 09th Dec

03 Dec 2018 - Class 104 Dec 2018 - Class 2

05 Dec 2018 - Class 3

06 Dec 2018 - Class 4

07 Dec 2018 - Class 5

09 Dec 2018 - Competition  

Weekend Batch:  

30 Dec 2018 - Class 1

06 Jan 2019 - Class 2

13 Jan 2019 - Class 3

20 Jan 2019 - Class 4

27 Jan 2019 - Class 5

03 Feb 2019 - Competition 

Rules and Requirements:

- No prior knowledge of Robotics required.

- A team must bring One laptop of their own.

Note: A team by default will consist of 3 members, if a participant wants to take part as two members or a single member team

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