Intro To Reel - Beginners` 'Film' -making Workshop | Events

Starts: 16-Dec-2018 10:00:PM

Ends: 16-Dec-2018 10:00:PM

Harkat Studios



Organizer Name: Harkat Studios



This beginner’s workshop, in collaboration with Kodak, introduces people to the world of film, the first medium to bring the moving image to life. In today’s age of the democratisation of media, a lot of us have access to the camera in our smartphones and DSLRs, but unfortunately, have perhaps never touched or known celluloid film intimately. The workshop will cover an introductory session explaining stock, film, cameras, and development. This is followed by a hands-on experience curated just for the participants, where they get to shoot some abstract footage under the guidance of an experienced DOP.

[Note: All other production costs are to be covered by the participants themselves.]

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