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Starts: 02-Feb-2019 10:00:AM

Ends: 05-Feb-2019 09:00:PM

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Organizer Name: Indian Aces



After London, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune, Indian Aces are making a 2019 round to Mumbai with a fresh take!

FREE SEATS to be won on sign up as well as an ongoing 1+1 offer, till Jan 25! 

-Saturday, 2nd Feb, 10am- 2pm: LGBTQIA+ crash course: An interactive seminar on the foundational concepts of gender, sexuality, and the alphabet soup. (NEW ADDITION)

- Sunday, 3rd Feb, 11am- 5pm: Sexuality & Asexuality 101: A highly interactive, deep-dive workshop to conceptually understand a ground breaking new model of human sexuality and its nuances. 

- Sunday, 3rd Feb, 6.30pm- 8.30pm: PLatonicity: Speed dating meetup for non-sexual relationships, regardless of reasons and orientations

- Counseling sessions scheduled on request and prior appointment ONLY.

Registration mandatory for all events! Walk-ins accepted, but at no guarantee of seat availability, and at a cost. Appropriate food/refreshments included in all tickets. More details in the registration form ( Go go go!

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About the trainer/facilitator for all events: 

Dr. Singh is a medical doctor who has worked extensively in the public health fields of maternal, child, adolescent, and reproductive health. In her personal time, she founded Indian Aces, the Indian Asexual collective, in 2014 and has been working for the same pro-bono since. She is a fellow with the CSEPI- Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International and an ambassador with the ASHA- American Sexual Health Association.

- Her work has been recognized by the Swedish Government, for which she was awarded an invitation to the scholarship Young Leader program in Stockholm and Sri Lanka. She was also recognized as a Youth Leader and invited to the scholarship Mingle Summit held in Bangalore, India.

- She was awarded as a Young Achiever by Mr. Rajinder Pal Gautam, Minister social welfare, Goverment of NCT Delhi.

- Her research work on Sexuality and Asexuality has been invited to be presented and published at multiples international conferences across the globe, including

1. World Association of Sexual Health congress in Prague, Czech Republic, where her study was selected for poster as well as oral presentation, and published in the prestigious Journal of Sexual Medicine by Elsevier.

2. World Congress on Mental Health in Delhi, where it won the award for Best Oral Paper received from Nobel Laureate Mr. Kailash Satyarthi.

3. Queer Asia conference, University of London, UK, where her research poster garnered much attention.

4. Asia Oceania Federation for Sexology Congress, Chennai where her presentation invited many a curios questions.

- Her ingenious a/Sexuality 101 workshop has been conducted independently as well as invited to be conducted at multiple international conferences globally, such as

1. University of London, UK, at their Queer Asia conference.

2. ILGA World conference, New Zealand.

3. World Congress on Mental Health in Delhi, where it was received very well by the audience comprised largely of psychologists and psychiatrists.

- Her passion has led her to conduct the workshop independently across multiple cities in India with sessions totalling over a dozen, and alumni in hundreds, since 2017.

- She was awarded a full scholarship to the National Sex Education conference in Atlanta, USA and has won many other awards and prizes for her work from names such as Women's Web, Population First, UNFPA and ColorsTV.

Contributions aren't mandatory, but it's the only way we can keep going. We could use the support.

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