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Starts: 30-Mar-2018 09:00:AM

Ends: 01-Apr-2018 05:00:PM

Palampur, Himachal Pradesh



Organizer Name: Life meets the lens


Description: Remember your Biology textbooks that you glanced hurriedly through just a few days before exams? We all remember being repulsed by the endless diagrams and the life processes explained in those textbooks. But then we also remember rejoicing in awe on spotting a mother bird feed its newborns in a nest, or when we peeled open a pea covering only to find a caterpillar, or even when we spent hours following an ant trail. Life Meets the Lens is all about creating many such joyful moments to experience the abundance of life that our planet is gifted with. We have always been told that the number of living creatures found on our planet is so huge that it is almost beyond belief. But how many of us have stopped to observe even a tiny bit of this huge abundance? Life Meets the Lens is an attempt to create a shared space for people who love to explore biodiversity and natural ecosystems. It is a three day retreat in a quaint Himalayan village called Saperu located adjacent to dense pine forests. Daily hikes to the jungle with lenses, specimen collections, microscope observations and many interesting group activities will form routine of these three days. We will explore and try to understand life through experiences and observations. With the help of cameras, participants will visually document their findings and then share them with the rest of the group. We will also discuss many Life Sciences concepts such as creation and evolution of life, habitat, food, reproduction and defense mechanisms. Not just that but we will also understand the delicate interdependence that all living creatures share with each other, and how homo sapiens knowingly or unknowingly play with the balance that exists in all natural ecosystems. When: 30th March to 1st April, 2018 Group Size: 12 Contribution per Person: Rs 5,000 (which includes workshop, field trips, field equipment - collection box, ocular lens, forceps, gloves, accommodation and food) Where: Village Saperu, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh Apply Here: Application Closes: 15th March 2018 You are welcome to attend this retreat if you are someone who loves to explore the diversity of this planet, either through academic pursuits or through experiments in the backyard. Or if you are someone who keeps track of seasons only to experience how different creatures respond to temperature. Or if you are someone who loves to be in nature and respects all life on earth, no matter how big or small, then you would love to participate in this retreat. We firmly believe that a human’s desire to know about fellow living creatures is the strongest in childhood, but due to many limitations of our own, we will accept applications only for people who are 18 years and above. About the Location: Saperu is a picturesque village located in the heart of the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas, close to the city of Palampur. Surrounded by water streams and dense forests, this village offers a perfect spot for biodiversity exploration and is the starting point of many hikes and treks to the deep forest. The village and the surrounding areas are home to hundreds and thousands of species of flora and fauna. It is a traditional mountain village with rich cultural values. About the facilitator: Your host for the event will be Vikram and his team. Vikram is an avid ‘Life Sciences’ enthusiast who can hear his own heartbeat in every living creature that he sees. An equally passionate photographer, Vikram has spent over a decade trying to capture the glory of Life in everything from the movement of ants to the dance of the bees, from the blooming of flowers to the wings of the birds. Although he has an undergrad degree in Botany and a Masters in Human Genomics, his love affair with bio-diversity began when he was a little child. Born in the Himalayan town of Palampur, Vikram spent a great deal of his time as a child in the forest collecting seeds, dead insects, stones, skulls and bones of dead animals, feathers, mushrooms and everything else that he could sneak into the house without being caught. Today his collection has grown so overwhelmingly that he dreams to have a museum of his own in the days to come. Through this unique retreat, he is trying to marry his passion for understanding the beauty of Life with his photography skills and share it with the world. Check out photographs from our last workshop here:

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