Lock the Box : Bookchor's Warehouse Sale | Events

Starts: 06-Apr-2018 09:00:AM

Ends: 08-Apr-2018 07:00:PM

No.21, Between Shivananda Stores .And Race Course, High Grounds, Crescent Road



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Description: The Lock-The-Box-Sale would have over 90,000 pre-owned books for you and a deal that you have never seen before. Forget about discounts on specific titles, this is even bigger than books-by-Kgs.This is a one-time payment for all the books you can carry in a box. We will be offering 3 different sized boxes at the venue and the rest is up to you- fit as many books as you can in the box of your choice. The ‘Odysseus’ Box- Use your wit like the legendary greek to fit a minimum of 8-10 books in this light sized box priced at INR 999. The ‘Perseus’ Box- Does your TBR turn your wallet barren and stone like. Slay the modern medusa with this box priced at INR 1499. It can easily accommodate 15-17 books. The ‘Hercules’ Box- The biggest and baddest of the lot. Costs INR 2499 and can easily hold up to 28-30 books. Are you as strong as this mighty demi-god to make the best of this box? 6th - 8th April. Mark the dates! Timings: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm Google Maps: Venue : Sri Gururaja Kalyana Mantapa, 21, Crescent Road, High Grounds, Crescent Road, Madhava Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

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