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Are you an event organizer looking for an easily shareable stay recommendation engine for your participants? Or you're a company looking for options to share temporary accommodation options for your new joinees or interviewees? Or you're a training institute or camp organizer and want to share accommodation options near your institute to your trainees? Or you're a blogger writing about a tourist destination and want to recommend budget stays around the place?

For any number of reasons, you may want your audience to easily find low budget accommodation options near your event/office/institute/destination address. Our map widget is a handy tool that helps you mark your location on the map along with low budget stay options that your audience can browse through and book. You can embed this widget in your website or blog, or simply share the map link over Whatsapp or Email and make accommodation booking easier for your audience.

And guess what? It takes just about 30 seconds to generate the widget! Start now:

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Generate Accommodation Map Widget for your Location or Event | AAO Hostels