The Team

The Team

Mahendra Pyati- Co-Founder

An alumni of University of Wales, Mahendra has been exploring world in his own way. He is passionate about aero modelling, loves photography and learns cultures worldwide. His management skills have been driving his social enterprises, and various IT companies. Now, AAO Hostels is all that he wants to be in.

Saurabh Jain- Co- Founder

Graduated in Civil Engineering from IIT-Delhi, he has been passionate about his own business models and start-ups. He has experience in working with Bank, and Consultancy MNC and therefore AAO Team calls him multi-functioning personality with love.

Mahesha S- Co- founder

A post graduate in Business Management from BU, Mahesha has been ­­­­the man behind numbers for AAO. Having past experience for long years in Data Analysis, he has proved to be a wanderer time by time. His favourite time pass is cycling and traveling in search of unexplored spots at destinations.

Pushkar Bajaj- Technology

A graduate in Computer Science from Thapar University, he is very keen in business models. His love for travelling and expeditions pulled him to AAO Hostels. In the early stage of his career, he has been pro-actively taking care of technology for AAO Hostels. In his leisure, he loves to follow web series and never misses a movie.  

Anant Deep- Public Relations

Post graduated from MCNUJC in Advertising and Public Relations, he loves himself to be called as jack of all trades. Having interest in technology, he has been travelling and exploring far flung areas of central and eastern states of India. His motivation to spread awareness about travel and tourism to virgin touristy spots brought him to AAO Hostels.